Vue Owners Manuals. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Saturn Vue automobile Saturn Vue Owners Manuals · Saturn Vue. View and Download Saturn Vue owner’s manual online. Saturn Vue Automobile Owner’s Manual. Vue Automobile pdf manual download. : Saturn Vue Owners Manual: Saturn: Books.

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Setting The Time with Date Display 4. Freeway Driving Mile for mile, freeways — also called thruways, parkways, expressways, turnpikes, or superhighways — are the safest of all roads.

Always turn off your radio and other accessories when jump starting your vehicle.

Saturn VUE | Owner’s Manual

In a crash, your body would move too far forward, which would increase the chance of head and neck injury. Prior to lowering the seatback, ensure all three of the seatbelts are unbuckled and the front seats are not reclined.

Turn this knob to select tracks on the CD currently playing. Recreational Vehicle Towing Recreational vehicle towing means towing your vehicle behind another vehicle — such as behind a motorhome.


Saturn 2007 Vue Owner’s Manual

See Airbag System on page The lap belt is too loose. You can be burned if you spill coolant on hot engine 20077. Do not tow on steep continuous grades exceeding 6 miles 9.

Screw the threaded wheel stow rod onto the spare tire bracket.

A pneumatic tire in which the ply cords that extend to the beads are laid at ownes degrees to the centerline of the tread. The belt is over an armrest. Pull the guide upward to expose its storage clip, and then slide the guide onto the clip.

This message displays, if the disc is satutn with the disc label wrong side up, or if the disc is damaged. First, here is what you should do: The belt cannot properly spread the impact forces.

This system is called OBD II On-Board Diagnostics-Second Generation and is intended to assure that emissions are at acceptable levels for waturn life of the vehicle, helping to produce a cleaner environment.

This message displays when there are disc load or eject manuwl. This button might not work bue the DVD is playing the copyright information or the previews. Bulb Replacement For the type of bulb to use, see Replacement Bulbs on page Braking In Emergencies Remember: An external audio device such as a portable audio player can be connected to the auxiliary input jack for use as another source for playing CDs.


The load index can range from 1 to To make the lap part tight, pull up on the shoulder belt. Before you close the door, be sure the belt is out of the way. But the ability to drive is affected well below a BAC of 0.

Halogen bulbs have pressurized gas inside and can burst if you drop or scratch the bulb.

Research shows that the driving skills of many people are impaired at a BAC approaching 0. Alcohol affects four things that anyone needs to drive a vehicle: Important What else do satjrn need?. Normal Maintenance Replacement Parts. In about average shape, nothing is missing, just an older book. See Headlamps on page