This OMRON 3G3EV-ABMA-CUE SYSDRIVE Inverter is used and in excellent condition. Configurations: A: Panel Mounting Installation Type B. Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3EV SERIES Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3EV SERIES User Manual. View and Download Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3EV user manual online. Compact Low-noise Inverter. SYSDRIVE 3G3EV Inverter pdf manual download.

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Chapter 4 Frequency Detection Level Setting range 0. Any intellectual property in the Products is the exclu Value Description Discontinues operation.

Don’t have an account? All constants can be set. In particular, continuous operation of an oil-lubricated motor in the low speed range may result in burning. The RUN, ALARM, and transmission indicators on the front panel indicate the current Inverter status, and the data display section also displays information about an error that has occurred.


Take the following actions to prevent noise: Page 94 Buyer indemnifies Omron against all related costs or expenses. Stock Quick Quote. Page 85 Chapter 7 Notes on Using Inverter for Motor Using Inverter for Existing Standard Motor When a standard motor is operated with this Inverter, a power loss is slightly higher than when operated with a commercial power supply.

Install the Inverter according to installation conditions. You should assume that anything not described in this manual is not possible. Carrier Frequency Chapter 4 Note 2. Do not connect a positive terminal to a negative terminal. Chapter 4 Preparing for Operation 6. Chapter 3 Always separate the control signal line from the main circuit cables and other power cables.


The data display section also flashes. Page 44 Chapter 4 Preparing for Operation Note 2. When the Inverter is stopped, all items can be monitored and the constant for each item can be set.

Changing the value of constant no. Do not attempt to open the cover under any circumstances. Page 8 Chapter 1 Getting Started If okron inspection or some other task is to be performed, always wait at least one minute from the time all indicators on the front panel go off.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Refer to page Select peripheral devices that meet the specifications, and wire them correctly. This may also affect peripheral devices.

Thin-slotted screwdriver Control circuit terminal block Length of stripped portion: Design Chapter 3 Design Installation Wiring Proper use and handling of the product will ensure proper product performance, will length product life, and may prevent possible accidents. Monitor item indicators When this indicator is lit, an output frequency value 33gev is displayed in the data display section. Leakage current flows through the Inverter.

Chapter 5 Operation Troubleshooting If the Inverter or motor does not operate properly when the system is started, constant settings or wiring may be incorrect. The DC voltage of the main circuit dropped below the specified level. Chapter 4 Note 5.

OMRON 3G3EV-AM-CE – In Stock, We Buy Sell Repair, Price Quote

Items to be Checked when Unpacking Chapter 4 Function of Each Component Display Sections Data display section Reference frequency values, output frequency values, output current values, constant settings, and error codes are displayed. Note that this warning is applicable whenever you perform any task after turning the main circuit off.


Monitor item indicators When this indicator is lit, an output frequency value Hz is displayed in the data display section. Page 51 Chapter 4 Preparing for Operation Operation after Recovery from Power Interruption Setting range 0, 1, 2 Factory setting 0 This constant is used to select the processing to be performed after recovery from an instantaneous power interruption.

Fault occurrence output selection 1: Refer to page Check the direction of motor rotation and check that the limit switches operate nor- mally. When warning status arises, no error code is output. Digital Operator Chapter 2 Digital Operator Data display section Monitor item indicators In-service item indicators green indicators Display These items can be monitored or set even section during operation.

Chapter 3 Ambient Temperature Control To enhance operation reliability, the Inverter should be installed in an environment free from extreme temperature rises.

Electromagnetic waves from the Inverter and cables cause the broadcasting radio receiver to make noise. Always separate the transmission cables from the main circuit cables and other power cables. Preparation Procedure Chapter 4 Preparation Procedure 1.

The surface temperature of the Inverter may reach 30 C higher than the ambient tem- perature. Page 60 Chapter 4 Word no.