Furigana uses Kana (usually Hiragana) to phonetically transcribe Kanji, above ( for You can make adjustments there, click “OK “to insert. To use this add-on: * Install it, and restart Anki * Click “Add” in the . It saves so much time automatically adding the furigana – I use it all the. You can attach furigana (kana or romaji) to sentences written in Japanese. ・ Select whether or not to add furigana to katakana as well.

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The space that you insert in front of the kanji will be consumed when the text is formatted for the card, and will addd impact the spacing of your Japanese text.

With furigana everything is easier. AnkiWeb Log in Sign up. Perhaps I hold this against the add-on especially because some otherwise really good decks use the default configuration and are nearly ruined by having to do so.

Sign up using Facebook. Furigana will be shown in brackets while editing, and shown above the text during review. I’m already using Rikaichan actally using its Chrome version; Rikaikun. I opened the AddOns folder and in all of the six. It is not well documented. This sounds like a toolkit issue and has likely been addressed in the latest Anki 2.

Can’t use it for my own intentions Requiring the note type to be titled Japanese makes this completely useless. Submit a new text post. I would really like to use this add-on, please fix! Thank you for furigzna this!!

The actual reason I am here t a review though is because I was unable to locate any way to contact the addon’s author directly about a bug I noticed after upgrading, and I am hoping he or someone who knows how to reach him will read this.

This will do the trick: This site is for discussion about Japanese Language Stack Exchange. One fancy thing I added was the ability to customize how the add-on tto your input. The code is very self-documenting. The absolute standard This addon is obligatory for everyone learning Japanese with Anki. If we assume that the text your want to see with furigana has been entered in a field called “Sentence”, then where ever on the cards that you want the Japanese text with the furigana to be placed, you need the following: For those who gripe about having to have the word “Japanese” somewhere in your model name, I feel your pain.


If you’re on Windows it’s likely your antivirus; if you’re on Linux then perhaps you’re not on a 64 bit distro.

Japanese Support

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Please review the instructions carefully – you ro to add the note types in the Manage screen before they will appear in the list.

I myself don’t have enough knowledge in Python, but it would be great if there were a fix for furgana in the future. I know, but my own Kanji list have character. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Please report the problem on the support site. Especially furigana are not fixed, a kanji can potentially have many different readings based on context.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Awesome and necessary addon for learning Japanese, but I wish i didn’t delete the new lines in the reading field i.

That works for me to provide a sort of “pop-up furigana” when I need it.

IPA furigana

This is not working on the most current version of Anki as of the date of writing this review. I had changed furiganw name of the note type and the fields into my native language, and that broke the autofiling. Successful porting to anki 2, but a small regression Happy to find again this very useful plugin after the upgrade to version 2, but I put only four stars because of a small regression from my point of view: Now they all have full kanji for the front of the card, but if I forget a kanji I can just mouse over it to remind myself what the kana are.


The add-on works fantastically really. Check to see if your question has been addressed before posting by searching or reading the wiki.

Japanese Support – AnkiWeb

Works fine on anki 2. Replace up to the? The following will result in post removal: I looked at my kanji stats after doing reviews today and was very surprised to see that I suddenly knew roughly additional kanji out of nowhere. State your question clearly in your post title 3. I used it to create a custom note type that I then transferred all my decks to. Sign up using Email and Password. For example, the following line will appear correctly once formatted on the card.

Since the addon hasn’t been updated in a long time, you can fix it yourself by replacing the relevant text in lookup. It is good to know this site. Preferring to do as little card editing in Anki as possible, I made a stand-alone version of the script that makes the readings from a file rather than a deck: This is possible by writing the furigana between brackets directly after the Japanese word in the same field.

Adding “View Kana on Hover” I tried using the previously suggested “hoverover” effect but found that the furigana reading was cutting off the top of my kanji.

How to display Furigana phonetic guide for Japanese Kanji in MS-Word | Thomas’ Work Space

I’ve come to he conclusion that you can’t change the “Expression” field’s name in order for it to t, and thus, you can’t have more than one field furiganed Get it right away and forget that there is an Anki without it. ZarNge 1 4.

No longer an option to hover over kanji to display furigana This is a much-missed feature that I used all the time with Anki 1. Trolling, immature, or hostile behavior will result in a warning or ban 6.