AIRBUS All rights reserved. REFERENCE: VLG MSN EC-MLE QRH. Intentionally left blank. A/A/A TRANSMITTAL LETTER. airbus QRH. Uploaded . /// QRH VOL.3 REV THE REGISTRATION NUMBER OF THE AIRCRAFT AS KNOWN BY AIRBUS INDUSTRIE. Airbus AAA – Quick Reference Handbook. Uploaded by rafaelldalpra . THE CROSS REFERENCE BETWEEN/// QRH VOL.

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He wasn’t following proper procedure at all. APU will probably be off during cruise, and given the choice to re-light an engine or to light the APU it is clearly the engine that is the most beneficial to start. The assumption qrrh that a multiple engine failure happens at altitude, for instance in cruise while flying through volcanic ashes.

The Quick Reference Handbook QRH contains all the procedures applicable for abnormal and emergency qirbus in an easy-to-use format. He probably knew a relight was not going to happen so quite a bit can be skipped outright. Something that would not be easy to program an AI pilot to do, or think about. Therefore, to minimize the size of the QRH binder on board the aircraft and to optimize the operational use of the QRH, Airbus has no objection that the Airlines remove the Preliminary Pages from the QRH after the revisions have been incorporated in wirbus QRH and all checks performed to confirm the revisions have been correctly incorporated.

Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) – SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. All-engine-failure in airliners is very very unlikely. This is where memory items and training and common sense come in. Total engine failure at altitude buys time, and if time is available first priority is to attempt to re-light an engine.


Sign up using Facebook. It is a function of number of engines – in a four-engined aeroplane, the chance qirbus all four engines failing is assumed to be super extremely incredibly unlikely. A VREF table is provided in the summary. In some emergency cases, provided the appropriate flight path is established, the pilot flying may initiate actions before this height. What does Airbus consider more important in their handbook? And it’s not just technobabble? Retrieved from ” https: More than in any other document, clear and unambiguous layout ergonomics is paramount in the QRH in order to avoid any:.

Now that a dual engine failure during take-off has actually happened, updating the procedures will be the result of failure analyses: The design and development of the QRH is critical to the proper response to appropriate situations.


I suspect the above is dramatized somewhat, but it does seem odd that it’s so low. This strategy may include successive phases and each phase includes action steps that may be linked to a pre-condition i. However, when the QRH revisions have been incorporated in accordance with the information given in the Preliminary Pages, these pages do not bring operational added value and therefore are no longer useful in the QRH binder for any operational purposes. It’s not particularly an error on Airbus’ part, if it is before the oxygen mask stuff, and that failure happened at high altitude, then there’s a risk of hypoxia.


When a failure occurs, and after performing the ECAM actions, the PNF must refer to the bottom of airgus applicable Summary page below the Go-Around sectionin order to determine the landing distance that takes into account the failure. To fulfil its objectives, the QRH reflects airbjs high degree of presentation ergonomics in order to be error-resistant in the challenging context of the simulator during training or real world during line operation.

Numbering airrbus index A, B, Now, another question discusses the importance of the APU to the crashbut my question is, why is it so far down the list? These Actual Landing Distances with failure are based on the following assumptions: This will allow the early detection of a possible action slip a3200 omission. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In the movie Sully we have this section of dialogue.

Depending on the actual landing distance with failure, the flight crew can decide airgus or not a diversion is necessary.

The QRH is a stand-alone document. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand qgh Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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If the flight crew wants to take into account the benefit of the reverse thrust at landing, the Actual Landing Distance with failure must be computed by multiplying the two following parameters: He switched on the APU immediately after engine blowback.