Tao has ratings and reviews. Marc said: While I most enjoy the hundreds of hours of lectures by this, my favorite thinker of all time, I do tre. This book by Alan Watts was given to me by my mentor before I left the States to live in China. He told me it was one of those books, “you don’t. In order to go into Taoism at all, we must begin by being in the frame of mind Tao means basically “way”, and so “course”; the course of nature. . Alan Watts.

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Of course, it’s not as if he didn’t write anything else, and there are a mess o’ his talks on YouTube to keep me going.

Obviously I couldn’t say something is going on unless I could say something else isn’t. Standing apart, however, from sectarian membership, he has earned the reputation of being one of the most original and “unrutted” philosophers of the twentieth century. Alan Watts died in Watts died in the 70’s while in his late 50’s and he lived on a houseboat in Sausalito harbor near San Francisco he also had a cabin in the forests just 30 minutes north where he would go for solitude.

Lao-tzu says the basic position is the most powerful, and this we can see at once in Judo, or in Aikido. His Tao cannot be monotheistic.

Kirkus Reviews praised the work, and stated that it was a “Good introduction to the Tao. This short book five chapters, with a Preface, Bibliography, etc. Written with the collaboration of Al Chung-liang Huang. Return waetrcourse Book Page. Famous for his research on comparative religion, he was best known as an interpreter and popularizer of Asian philosophies for a Western audience.

Awesome, mind-blowing, effectively powerful and over all a magnificent piece of work. The forward and the Afterward, and footnotes made reading the book that much more enjoyable; bringing understanding to the reality of Alan’s character and that he has passed away.


Tao: the Watercourse Way : Huang Al Chun Watts Alan :

Alan WattsAl Chung-liang Huang. That is somebody’s idea; but you don’t know that. Economies and cultures that have coexisted in ecological balance for thousands of years have been disrupted all around the world, with often disastrous results. If I say here it is, that excludes what isn’t, like space. To ask other readers questions about Taoplease sign up. Aug 21, GhostKnight rated it it was amazing. It is a path of non forcing but flowing with the natural way of things.

The Tao is a certain kind of order, and this kind of order is not quite what we call order when we arrange everything geometrically in boxes, or in rows. They start out of silence. If you close your eyes, and just listen, you will observe the sounds came out of nothing, floated off, and off, stopped being a sonic echo, and became a memory, which is another kind of echo.

When a Westerner hears that he thinks this is some sort of fatalism or determinism, but that is because he still preserves in the back of his mind two illusions. This is an excellent treatise on contemplative Taoism, that is the way based in meditation and oneness with nature rather than that involved in Chinese alchemical and quasi-magical practices. If I say this, it excludes that, and I am reduced to silence. That is the fallacy of American society.

Its first chapter on Chinese written language was truly thought-provoking.

I’m more or less in love with this man. Or is it ‘perfect’ i. Some of the chapters, such as the watetcourse on Chinese writing will probably lose the neophyte. Alan Watts—Here and Now: Suzuki, in the U. It isn’t determined; that is a philosophical notion. Speech and writing are undoubtedly marvelous, but for this very reason they have a hypnotic and fascinating quality which can lead to the neglect of nature itself until they become too much of a good thing.


This is probably less a reflection on Alan Watts than a reflection of the sheer This is an excellent treatise on contemplative Taoism, that is the way based in meditation and oneness watercoure nature rather than that involved in Chinese alchemical and quasi-magical wwtts.

Tao: the Watercourse Way

If you approach it with this wise ignorance, you will see that you are witnessing a happening. I was glad to read this scholarly work delving into the how, why, and what of the Tao, even if its incompleteness Watts wasn’t able to finish it before his death makes one wish for the “fun and surprises” Watts had hoped to include along with the more academic exploration of the Tao.

When a one experiences oneself and the universe happening together, the other illusion one is liable to have is that it is determined in the sense that what is happening now follows necessarily from what happened in the past. Just as your thought happens, the car happens outside, and so the clouds and the stars. I can’t even really say ‘this,’ although I said ‘something going on.

This was a book I read for a college philosophy class, but I love it, and pass it around still today. Sep 20, Rick Harper rated it it was amazing. We all recognize it, and the artist copies it whether he is ths landscape painter, a portrait painter, an abstract painter, or a non-objective painter.