Books by Aloys Sprenger. The Life of Mohammad (Allahabad, ). Das Leben und die Lehre des Mohammad nach bisher grösstentheils unbenutzten Quellen. ALOYS SPRENGER (). His Life and Contribution to Urdu Language and Literature. Muhammad Ikram Chaghatai. Dr. Aloys Sprenger (in ). Sprenger, Aloys, , ed.: Abdu-r-razzaq’s dictionary of the technical terms of the Sufies (Calcutta: ), by ? ʻAbd al-Razzāq al-Qāshānī.

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Aloys Sprenger | Revolvy

Aloys Sprenger in While in the north of India he was an enthusiastic mountaineer, and, though he did not grapple with the difficult subject of old Arabic geography until he was over sixty, he dealt with sprenged with an insight and acumen that seemed almost instinctive.

In fact, Sprenger established this press as a limited company and most of the teachers of sprenber Delhi College were its shareholders. Except for the addition of history to geography, the same subjects were taught in the second grade. It was also the first chance for Ssprenger to know the cultural heritage of India. Wikisource 1 entry edit. Ismail ibn Hammad al-Jawhari topic Abu Nasr Isma’il ibn Hammad al-Jawhari also spelled al-Jauhari died or was a Turkic[1][2] lexicographer and the author of a notable Arabic dictionary.

Member feedback about Islamic studies by author non-Muslim or academic: Gradually the investment was withdrawn by the shareholders and eventually it stopped working. Islam and other religions Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Retrieved from ” https: Infect most of the newspapers and periodicals of pre were lost in the upheaval and those which remained safe are scattered in various libraries of India, Pakistan and Europe and are not easily accessible. The private papers of Sprenger, lying in the State Library of Berlin, contain full account of this tour.


He has incorporated only those passages which furnish new information. He was awarded a scholarship in the third grade for securing good marks in the first two stages, which continued until The catalogue prepared by Sprenger is virtually a mine of information but its most important part, from the stand point of Urdu language, is the one that deals with the biographical accounts of Urdu poets.

Not included are those studies of Islam produced by Muslim authors meant primarily for a Muslim audience. He studied Arabic language first in Baghdad and then among the Arabs of the Hejaz. Muslim critics of ahadith and class The Emperor is remembered for his fondness of nature,[2] and his complex embodies the Aaloys relationship between humans, pets, and hunting.

Sprenger, Aloys (DNB00)

Member feedback about Ismail ibn Hammad al-Jawhari: XXIIpp. Member feedback about Soviet Orientalist studies in Islam: He resolved to dedicate his whole life to the cause of introducing Eastern knowledge to the West [16] It was Hammer again who made him aware of the rich contribution that Indian Muslims had made to the realm of knowledge.

As soon as Sprenger completed his gymnasium course he got admission in Vienna University. One of the methods he employed for the purpose was that he had the personal libraries of various rulers and nobles of Northern India catalogued and when any of them died he manouvered to purchase the important manuscripts from his collection.

He was considered to be the best writer of his time,[1] in addition to an expert in Muslim prophetic tradition and comparative readings of the Qur’an. Most of its rulers were lovers of knowledge. After completing his education at Vienna University Sprenger wanted to get an employment either in the faculty of Oriental studies of the University or in the old Oriental Academy of Vienna. Wikiquote 0 entries edit.

Books by Aloys Sprenger [ – ]

This Society was established as an autonomous body but subsequently it became an adjunct of the Delhi College and its Principal was made secretary of the Society. He needed someone who knew these languages and had a strong bibliographical grasp and could collect relevant material for the project. They are ninty-two in all. Der Orientalist and lslamhistoriker aus Nassereith in Tirol. He did not a,oys any teaching contact with Heidelberg University because the record of the University does not have any evidence to this effect.


One of the earliest works of Sir Syed Ahmad, akoys is a history of the ancient buildings of Delhi and is considered even today a standard book on the subject. More generally, described as prolific and as a polymath, he was the author of “over twenty” works, which dealt with “a wide variety of religious and secular subjects, including history both Islamic and universalgeography, the natural sciences, philosophy, and theology.

So much so that the Scientific Society, established at a later stage by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, was a new form of these institutions. Wikivoyage 0 entries edit. German awards Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Aloys Sprenger

Sprenger was principal of srenger college sprenfer about three years and during this period most of the Madrasahs of Northern India were also under his control. Sprenger was basically an expert on Islamic studies and a scholar of the Arabic language.

He stuck to his creed all his life in a long letter dated May 8th,addressed to Mawlavi Chiragh Ali, a reformer and companion of Sir Syed Ahrnad Khan, he mentions his religious affiliation with this branch of Christianity.

At this time he was also selected Secretary of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.