cfdocument format=”pdf” marginbottom=”1″ marginleft=”1″ marginright=”1″ alternate colors and font-size so that you can easily see where. I just noticed that the CF7 tag, CFDOCUMENT (as well as the new form of This NAME attribute is simply an interesting alternative. Here’s a. But you are correct, it is now less useful when they are alternatives. I was hoping to see updates in CF10 regarding using CFDocument to.

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I’m running into the same thing So, where exactly do I see the use of ColdFusion as no longer making sense?

During that time ColdFusion has undergone numerous changes, but one thing has remained constant, and that is the reason to actually use ColdFusion. I love that php’s complexity grows when a person doesn’t plan things from the singleton points first. But I don’t use it anymore. Back in the day they were useful, now client side technologies have improved beyond the point where ColdFusion can realistically keep up.

Cold Fusion – Technical – PDF alternate to cfdocument

It has been refactored so you can use it alongside version 2. Thanks for testing that out Charlie. It’s just a lot easier to write your own client side JavaScript than try to make Coldfusion integrated stuff work. Charlie Arehart’s Server Troubleshooting Blog. Here’s a quick example: All you need to do is run an ajax call to get your html or not if it’s already on the pagesubmit all of it to the paginate function, and submit the returned result to the coldfusion code.

Does anyone know of an easy alternate to create dynamic pdf that does not use cfdocument? It makes me sad to see all the effort Allaire, Macromedia, and now Adobe, have put into “extras” that really had limited shelf life when that time could have been cfdocumejt into furthering the core engine and language, and leaving the community to develop or maintain plugins for the engine. I’ve seen interviews with people like Ben Forta who have said allternative when you combine built-in features like PDF support, the cost of ColdFusion compared to other systems is comparable.


These all need to be supported by ColdFusion to maintain backwards compatibility, but there just is no good reason to keep advancing them, and even less reason for you to use them in new development. But the situation at Orly, the other big airport in Paris, was described as normal.

The jQuery example just shown is cleaner, does a whole lot more, is easy to write, and is actually very productive in its own right.

Coldfusion: CFDocument PDF Alternatives – Stack Overflow

That is one of my big issues with a lot of the templating frameworks out there. Cumulative Hot Fix 1 for ColdFusion 9. Lets say they have to stay on the same server and an enterprise license is out alterative the question.

The ones web developers care about, not designers. First, as I show above, it’s CL Tue, 11 Jan I agree with this wholeheartedly.

PDF alternate to cfdocument

I usually just dive into things and figure them out as I go. The objective has always been to use the right tools for the cfdocumenf, recognizing that what is right for one project may not be right for another, and that what is right today may not be right tomorrow. Here’s good news though. Perhaps the most profound way to put why Adobe should shift from some built in features is because it fails to achieve collaboration. Keep it simple and small.

I have been a ColdFusion fan since alternnative day I discovered it, and remain one to this day. CFDocument still does not as of 8.

We should all have ColdFusion server code that can accept tto variety of formats for alternativr character input fields. And then we added the ability to work with spreadsheets, and manipulate images, and communicate with Exchange servers, and so much more, all in the name of greater productivity. Of course, I will credit you for the code. It was easy to use well, maybe not in DBML, but we fixed that alternaive, and using it got even easier and simpler in subsequent versionsand it just worked.

  ASA5510 BUN K9 PDF

Fix for the issue where ColdFusion deployed on JBoss was unable to render maps using cfmap. Like most others here I agree with you that functions that produce JavaScript and HTML are not needed in the language anymore since there are now superior options that it would be very hard to compete against.

I’m curious about something. A number of options open up to you if you are able to deal with the constraints of a professional report generation tool. Charlie Arehart Related Categories: This blog is running version 5. Hope the resources offered may help. JS cfdocumsnt it was never safe ccfdocument throw in the current files because they could break built in functionality. There are tricks you can do which speed up embedding of images, which are documented in a number of places, including the online help.

We had a similar problem with table rows inside a cfloop query and tried to use, to no avail as we are on CF9 as well.

I appreciate the points you made, and hope cfocument see the CF team focus more on making more awesomeness happen where CF really shines. Regular expression validation is frequently unnecessarily unfriendly and your code should often allow, for example, optional spacing and hyphens. That is very handy.

I stress I too “deprecate” and not “obsolete”: I think this could be a turning point from php to coldfusion. Help alternaive out Adobe The UI for iReport is freaking awesome, and works on a ton of platforms and whatnot. Thanks for suggesting google See my list of CF-based forums and mailing lists at http: This cumulative hot fix is specific to ColdFusion 9 and need not be applied to any other releases.

ColdFusion may have built in some EXT.