Review: An Elegy for Easterly by Petina GappahIt is the frequent humour in these stories that makes them remarkable says Tom Fleming. Title: An Elegy for Easterly Author: Petina Gappah London, Faber and Faber Distributed in Zimbabwe by Weaver Press ISBN: 0 9 Reviewer. An Elegy for Easterly. Petina Gappah. I. It was the children who first noticed that there was something different about the woman they called Martha Mupengo.

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They were running away from the bulldozers.

Mocking Mugabe is the best revenge

Open Preview See a Problem? If you are going to attack everyone at once, you may need a novel, not a short story.

They stole out of Easterly Farm and into the dawn. PG Language is important to me. ES This book received a trans-Atlantic deal.

It makes for bleak reading.

A talented law student finds her future tainted by a spell in a mental home. Now the Zimbabwe ruins extend to the whole country. One, growing out of Achebe who attacked Conrad’s Heart of Darkness as essentially racist “sees its role as primarily redefining the African,” challenging the West’s “single story.

The more significant came from nationalists Edgar Tekere who produced a biography; journalist Geoff Nyarota wrote his memories; Geoff Hill, already looking ahead, wrote about what needs to be done to get Zimbabwe working again; Judith Todd, using letters, diaries and other documents wrote an insightful book about how Zimbabwe was reduced to a shell of its former proud self. Learn more about Amazon Prime. With this on you, you will be smarter still.


Closer to home, think of Es’kia Mphahlele, Dennis Brutus, Athol Fugard and that whole body of writing that came out of apartheid.

Review: An Elegy for Easterly by Petina Gappah | Books | The Guardian

ES In one story you deal with the challenges of the Zimbabwean diaspora. The first person narrator is sometimes a male, though more often a female. The Monkey King’s Amazing Adventures: In the same story, the main character, about to retire, learns that his employer has used his pension money elsewhere and is now going out of business, leaving the employee two pair of ill-fitting shoes instead of a pension.

Eadterly did not notice the residents gathered in clusters around their homes.

An Elegy for Easterly – Weaver Press

Her aunt did not take this well. There is even one told in the second person, a rarity, but it works. Trivia About An Elegy for East These stories are shot through with humor and empathy. Each of the three stories selected from An Elegy For Easterly are acutely observed, powerful and poignant. He had only this na the next night before he was to go back to the mine.

As the dress fell back, it occurred to the children that there was something a little different, a little slow about her. I loved, loved, loved “The Book of Memory” and thought I would love this as well because she is a truly great writer.

Her characters and their situations range across the spectrum of means, from the wife of a wealthy politician to a rural woman whose township is reduced to rubble at the hands of a ruthless government.


I first read this book about a year ago and remember not really ‘clicking’ with it. She dressed it in the clothes of the children who had slipped from her. The hunger for a woman came over him. After that, diminishing returns set in. Gappah is a powerful new writer worth celebrating. In his house Josephat took down a navy-blue suitcase and threw clothes into it.

He held them in his hands for a moment, then stuffed them into the suitcase and closed it. Her name and memory, past and dreams, were lost in the foggy corners of her mind. A woman in a township in Zimbabwe is surrounded by throngs of dusty children but longs for a baby of her own; an old man finds that his new job making coffins at No Matter Funeral Parlor brings unexpected riches; a politician’s widow stands quietly by at her husband’s funeral, watching his colleagues bury an empty casket.

Two boys, and maybe a girl. The small generator powering the sewing machine sent diesel fumes into the room.

An infertile woman watches with envy the swelling stomach of the local madwoman, never realising the unborn child belongs to her own husband.