Results 1 – 16 of OLD NCERT BOOKS – 1) Ancient India- R.S. SHARMA India’s Ancient Past Edition . by Prof. R. S. Sharma and Vasanti Fadake. Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf Download Old NCERT NCERT, Book, History,. WhatsApp. Print Friendly Version of this page Print Get a PDF. The NCERT had entrusted the lesponsibility of preparing courses and . CHAPTER 1 The Importance of Ancient Indian History The study of ancient Indian .

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He lndia considered to be the rain god and thought to be responsible for causing rainfall. The titles of the officials do not indicate their administration of territory. A good number of sites possess the ti aits of ancien Jorwe culture Every Jorwe village was a nucleated settlement with more than 35 houses of different sizes, circular oi rectangular in shape The chalcolithic economy therefore was a village economy, Some settlements, such as Inamgaon and those at Eran and ICayatha m central and 5.

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Technology and Crafts The Harappan culture belongs to the Bronze Age The people of Harappa used many tools and implements of stone, but they were. Hand-axes have been found in a deposit of the time of the second Himalayan glaciation. The ancients strove for unity.

Tribe and Family Kinship was the basis of social structure, and a man was identified by the clan to which he belonged, as can be seen in the names of several Rig Vedic kings. An Upper Palaeolithic ‘assemblage, characterised by massive flakes, blades, burins and scrapers has also been found in the upper levels of the Gujarat dunes.

It extended from Jammu in the north to the Narmada estuary in the south, and from the Makran coast of Baluchistan in the west to Meerut in the north-east. The proc.r.s.sharma area of these four, sites also coincides with that of a good portion of the area represented by the Rig Veda. But afterwards we notice strong regional variations in this script, which is called by different names.

The use of rice is recommended in rituals, but: Unlike the Egyptians and Mesopotamians, the Harappans did not write long inscriptions. The seals and images were manufactured prof.r.s.xharma great skill, but.

It is not clear whether they were acquainted with the horse. Although very few agricultural tools made of iron have been found, there is no doubt that agriculture was the chief means of livelihood of the later Vedic people. But some were also incised in the Kharosthi script, which was written from right to left Howevei, the Brahmi script prevailed m the whole country, except for the north-western part Greek and Aramaic scripts were employed in writing Aso- kan inscriptions in Afghanistan Brahmi con- tinued to be the mam script till the end of Gupta times.


To what use were they put in ancient times? We come across a series of brick platforms which formed the basis for two rows of six granaries.

The story of Civilization, Vol. The Marathas – Gordon 8.

We hear of a proposal made by Yanu, the twin-sister of Yama, for establishing love relations, but the offer is resisted by Yama. They prescribe the lules accoidmg to which propel ty is to be held, sold and inherited.

Even anckent, when – such a bull passes in the market streets the pious Indians give way to it, Similarly the animals surrounding Pasupati Mahadeva indicate that these were worshipped.

We do not know when the Pleistocene period exactly began, but human re- mains associated with stone tools have been dated m east Africa as early as 3,5 million years ago In India the first human occupation, as suggested by stone tools, is not earlier than the Middle Pleistocene, which perhaps began about We have some indications oF polyandry. Write a note on the religious practices of the Harappans. Although the eailiest specimen of Harappan script was noticed in and the complete.

These artifacts served several purposes They were meant not only for fishing, hunting and prof.d.s.sharma but also for artisanal and agricultural use They presuppose good tech- nological skill and knowledge on.

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Paper quality is so pure. The Guptas issued profr.s.sharma largest number of gold coins. All this can prfo.r.s.sharma attributed to the bar- barian horse-riding people who may have come from Iran through the hills But the new peoples did not come in such numbei s as to completely overwhelm the Harappan cities in Panjab and Sindh Although the Rig Vedic Prof.r.ssharma settled down mostly in the land of the Seven Rivers, m which the Harappan culture once flourished, we have no evidence of any mass- scale confrontation between the Harappans and the Aryans, EXERCISES 1.


They maik the beginnings of geometry and mathematics The religious books of the Jalnas and the Bud- dhists refer to historical peisons and incidcnLs The earliest Buddhist texts were wiitton in the Pali language, which was spoken in Magadha or south Bihai They were finally compiled m the second century B C. The present volume covering the course for the first semester deals with the history of ancient India from prehistoric times to about the eighth century.

prof.e.s.sharma In any case copper was one of the first metals to be used by the Vedic people. It took a long time for the worship of I the supreme goddess to develop m Hinduism. How old is man in India? Freedom Struggle – Bipinchandra Several chalcolithic sites have been fpund in the Allahabad region presumably on account of their proximity to the Yindhyas, In eastern India, besides Chirand on the Ganga, mention may be made of Pandu Rajar Dhibi in Burdwan district and Mahishdal in Midnapore district in West Bengal.

The phallus worship which started in the days of Harappa t l s ,4 1 ft Y, 6. They have also been found m Baluchistan At about the same time the use of iron appeared in eastern Panjab, western Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. As the local resources were not sufficient to maintain the gold currency over a long spell of time, once the supply from outside stopped, gold coins prof.r.s.sharrma rare.

Ancient coins weremade of metal— copper, silver, gold, or lead. Moie remains of structures have been found in western Anciet, western Madhya Pradesh pfof.r.s.sharma south-eastern Rajasthan. India comprises twenty-two States and nine Union Territories. The NCERT would be grateful for any comments, suggestions and criticisms on any aspect of the present volume.

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Age of Capital E. In India they were written on birch bark and palm leaves, but in Central Asia, where the Prakrit language had spread from India, manuscripts were also written on sheep leather and wooden tablets. The Importance of Ancient Indian History 2.