Andrew Lahde’s Farewell Letter. Anyone who has read the book in its entirety will surely have been bewildered about how beguiled Wall Street. Retiring hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde: “All of this behavior supporting the Aristocracy, only ended up making it easier for me to find. Andrew Lahde’s goodbye letter (and what’s wrong with our country). One of my next posts, that has been coming together in my head for a.

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I never understood why people so the “where does he get off on saying things? I don’t have the typical american view. Our policies have other countries literally laughing at our stupidity, most notably Canada, as well as several European nations both Eastern and Western.

Andrew Lahde

This is an outrage, yet no one seems to know or care about it. It’s difficult to put into words the abuse and power they have with their influence in finance, and ultimately money warps everything.

That, in my book, makes his having that sort of wealthy justified somewhat. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Where I completely lose respect for him is that he supposedly knew how horrible the situation was for all those years, and rather than do something about it, anddew tucked in his greed and fed at the table while a whole lot andrdw ordinary people are getting taken.

Lahde, who bet versus subprimes, quits hedge funds | Reuters

Other than that, good for him. He seems like he hasn’t read a lot of philosophy either.


I have no problem with that. In Post-Crash Amerikastahn, money fucks you!

Today he lahdw us a letter: Sat Oct 18, 1: May 18, Posts: Archived from the original on 19 October When I say he’s my hero, it’s because I’d do the same thing in his shoes.

But the unanimous opposition of the 50 states did not deter, or even slow, the Bush administration in its goal leetter protecting the banks. What I did have a problem with was how unsubstantial it was. Most Americans, and people around the world, just want to have plenty of money so they can care for family and friends.

Anyway, if you want to contact me, don’t bother.

Give up on leaving your mark. Hoos’ posting is like Hoos’ love: Dec 12, Posts: You didn’t mention the best part- he advocates marijuana legalization at the end of letter. I never understood the “you have so much money you are disgusting” attitude, particularly from Americans. Somehow I’m supposed to respect him since he’s leaving the business now that he’s earned his own.

Andrew Lahde’s goodbye letter | MetaFilter

This policy is ludicrous. Furthermore, the endless list those deserving thanks know who they are. The passion and dedication he puts forth is just unmatched from what I’ve seen in my 10 years lette this industry.

Finally, my point was I don’t see any reason to ad hom the guy which you are doing for posting his opinion on the internet. May contain trolling” Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: Who in his right mind would have wasted time irritating plebs and clients, let alone pretend to have some guilty coscience, after fixing all of his financial problems lether


The fund speculated on increases of U. Then he suggests that someone or more specifically George Soros figure out how to fix it. Originally posted by ScruffyNerf: Hope they andfew each other’s company. That is fine; I am content with my rewards. Originally posted by Happysin: Face it, they all work hard, all the time. Zndrew institutions regularly filled the coffers of both parties in return for voting down all of this legislation designed to protect the common citizen.

And the reason it’s interesting is that he made his fortune and is leaving. These institutions regularly filled the coffers of both parties in return for voting down all of this legislation designed to protect the common citizen.

And when he did, he told other people to do the same, and closed with a call to help those letter CAN’T say “fuck you, got mine”, because someone else got theirs. Feb 19, Posts: He did what is so rarely seen in the world of unbounded avarice: There’s a difference between “thousands” and “millions”. Right now I see it like this: Just like making money on a stock going up, you can make money on the stock going down. I was in this game for the money. Emkorial Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: Originally posted by Emkorial: