Eulogy on King Philip: as pronounced at the Odeon, in Federal Street, Boston / by the Rev. William Apes. Main Author: Apess, William, Language(s): . In the early s, Native people in southern New England were entering their third century of struggle against invasion, disease, war and. Apess’s last published work, Eulogy on King Philip (), has been described as his “most powerful and sustained polemic.” Originally delivered as a series of .

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And on the contrary, when they prevailed they considered it as an immediate interposition in their favor. Who could have supposed that the meek and lowly followers of virtue would have taken such methods to rob honest men of the woods? Having loaded their teams and returning, Philip and his men attacked them, and nearly slew them all. In he sells to Constant Southworth and others all the meadowlands from Dartmouth to Mattapoisett, for which he received sixty dollars. O thou pretended hypocritical Christian, whoever thou art, to say it was the design of God that we should murder and slay one another because we have the power.

But when they were taken they were either compelled to turn traitors and join their enemies or be butchered upon the spot. It was not the good will of those holy Pilgrims that prevented.

“Eulogy on King Philip as Pronounced at the Odeon”

He speaks to the inhabitants thus: He died in the year He had retired here with his army to secure a safe retreat from the Pilgrims, who were in close pursuit of him, and their numbers were so powerful they thought the fate of Philip was sealed. As is typical for early nineteenth-century book illustrations, [End Page ] artist and engraver are unattributed within the Eulogyand scholars have so far been unable to kiing either.

The whites robbed the Indian graves, and their corn, about the yearwhich caused Chicataubut to be displeased, who was chief, and also a son to the woman that was dead.


Where, then, shall we place the hero of the wilderness? View freely available titles: No, it euligy his enemies who rose- his enemies, to judge and pass sentence.

William Apess

After publishing his lecture, Apess disappeared from New England public life. Philip even hires her to work for him, and pays her for her work, and then invites her to dine with him and to smoke with him.

Inhe delivered his Eulogy on King Philip. Church had now placed his guard so that it was impossible for Philip to escape without being shot.

What dignity there was in this man; and we do not wonder that he felt so indignant at the proceedings of the then called Christians. Three Indians were indicted for riot and Apess was jailed for a month as a result.

But if the real sufferers say one word, they are denounced as being wild and savage beasts. The next thing was that Philip must pay the cost of the treaty, which was four hundred dollars.

It is that is,when Philip went to Boston, his clothing was worth nearly one hundred dollars. It could not be that they were so devoid of sense as to think these illiberal acts would produce peace but contrawise, continual broils.

Neither do I believe he called their company vagabonds, for he was kingg noble than that. For example, why is it that epidemics have raged so much among the more civilized?

Apess Reading Notes

It appears that Philpi treated his prisoners with a great deal more Christian like spirit than the Pilgrims did; even Mrs. We wonder if these same Christians do not think it the command of God that they should lie, steal, and get drunk, commit kint and adultery. Even so, most studies of the Eulogy implicitly treat it as a text or speech, and neglect to acknowledge King Philip Dying.

His writings, orations and activities provide a rare glimpse of life among the Native people of southern New England in the early s. InApess married Mary Wood, also of mixed race. We wonder if the Pilgrims were as ready to pay the Indians for the trouble they put them to.


MA Test: William Apess “Eulogy on King Philip”

Thus it does appear that Indians had rights, and those rights were near and dear to them, as your stores and farms and firesides are to the whites, and their wives and children also.

Thus ended the events of He would say to the sons of the Pilgrims as Job said about his birthdaylet the day be dark, the 22nd day of December ; let it be forgotten in your celebration, in your speeches, and by the burying of the rock that your fathers first put their foot upon. In a deliberate contrast to English descriptions, Apes depicted Philip’s death as a noble and tragic scene. But I would suggest one thing, and that is, let the ministers and people use the colored people they have already around them like human beings, before they go to convert any more; and let them show it in their churches; and let them proclaim it upon the housetops; and I would say to the benevolent, withhold your hard earnings from them, unless they do do it, until they can stop laying their own wickedness to God, which is blasphemy.

And where is there a people in the world that would see their friends robbed of their common property, their nearest and dearest friends; robbed, after their last respects to them? He had been killed after the colonists had poisoned his brother and violated several treaties. And then it has been said that these men who were free from these things, that they could not live among civilized people. Accordingly, in December inthe Pilgrims set forward to destroy them.