Background Malamud was the son of Russian immigrants who had a small business in NYC Went to college, became a teacher—taught at night and wrote. “Armistice”. By. Bernard Malamud. p. Background. Malamud was the son of Russian immigrants who had a small business in NYC; Went to college. As evident in the story “Armistice,” by Bernard Malamud, this can form very strong and different opinions from both conflicting sides (Morris, and Gus). Morris.

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Morris Qrmistice face was white. They explain a variety of things about each character. Some of the others made him the object of their ridicule outside the store. His fourteen-year-old son, Leonard, a thin, studious boy, saw how overwrought his father became and tried to shut off the radio, but the grocer would not allow him to.

Armistice: Nazi Germany and Gus Essay

Each afternoon Leonard remained behind the counter while his father slept on the armistcie. He’s a skinny kid. He felt that Gus was wishing harm upon Leonard.

You work sixteen hours. Long lines trudged forever with their bundles on their shoulders. Although neither of the two never actually experiences these incidences, it still heavily influences them both. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. This is a big difference in opinion and causes the main conflict between Gus and Morris.

Thirty years later Morris, a widower who owned a small grocery and delicatessen store in a Scandinavian neighborhood in Brooklyn, could recall the scene of the pogrom with the twisting fright that he had felt at fifteen.

If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. He threw the basket into his truck, got in, and drove off. Morris groaned and awoke. How To Start A War. He crushed his cigarette in the ashtray and got into bed. At three o’clock, when Morris was slicing small potatoes for potato salad, Gus strode into the store and swung his basket onto the table. Read the Review BM Armistice When bednard was a boy, Morris Lieberman saw ar,istice burly Russian peasant seize a wagon wheel that was lying against the side of a blacksmith’s shop, swing it around, and hurl it at a fleeing Jewish sexton.

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“Armistice” By Bernard Malamud p. 1076.

Gus was careless in arithmetic, which often caused trouble. He was angered too when the boy added up the figures on the meat bills and found errors. He heard the purring of a truck’s motor and he knew that the driver was dropping the bundles of morning newspapers in front of the stationery store on the corner. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to bernad friends in any social system. It was Sunday at suppertime. He was nauseated by Gus’s laughter, which he called a cackle, and admistice would not allow his father to do business with Gus in the kitchen when he was having his milk and crackers after school.

The armistice was signed. His face was still red with anger, but he was afraid that he would lose Morris’s business. It is almost as if they are experiencing it themselves. Something clumped to the sidewalk.

The Complete Stories

Gus was a brenard man, with a strong, full head and a fleshy face. He sat in a chair in a dark room waiting for them to come. Leonard came down for his coffee and roll. He dozed and dreamed that he had fled from Germany into France. Gus paused, seeing that he had gone too far.


He began to cry. He put his arm around the boy and kissed him again and again.

Even though our nation is founded on non-prejudice and free morals, power and etc. The breeze swayed the street lamp, which creaked and moved the circle of light that fell upon the street. Protecting Allied shipping 1.

And yet, if a bomb had fallen on zrmistice block it would have. He feels the suffering of the people because of his race and wants it to stop whereas Gus regards it as forfeitable. I fought in the war,” answered Gus. Suddenly Gus was there. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! The Germans took Paris and pushed on toward the west and south. An Armistice is not a solution, mlamud is a temporary storage. This example of anti-Semitism is disheartening to observe and learn about.

He drove tensely, his eyes unsmiling. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. The boy watched him until he turned over on his right side, which was the side he slept on; then he returned to his room.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The Protocols of Zion! He kept a scrapbook filled with clippings and pictures of the German army.

That night, after closing his store, Morris disconnected the radio and carried it upstairs. After he had dragged in the bread and milk boxes and had waited on the deaf man who always came early, Morris went to the corner for a paper. Nazi Germany and Gus Essay.