Aspho Fields has ratings and reviews. Dirk said: I was drawn to this by two things: firstly, the author is Karen Traviss, and secondly, I’ve r. For the first time, fans of the blockbuster Gears of War video games get an in- depth look at Delta Squad’s toughest fighters—soldier’s. The Battle of Aspho Fields was a conflict in the year 2 Before E-Day between the COG and the UIR, and was part of the Pendulum Wars.

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My favorite video game in the fieles of ever and I never knew it has books about it. We are looking at a story told from two perspectives, one in the past the other in the present.

Gears of War Aspho Fields by Karen Traviss | : Books

Everything that could be hauled away and reused—wood, metal, cable, pipes—had been scavenged long before. He was then ordered to kill the remaining scientists.

It just felt like he should be narrating something very different, not a military science fiction novel set in such a depressing world. Retrieved from ” http: We made a mad dash firlds all three games, and I can remember there being moments when we fieldd to take a break as the intensity intensified.

However, the Pesang volunteers did not receive the reward, since they were not members of the COG. Aspho Fields expands on a few of those references basically laying out how close Marcus, Carlos, an First, let me start with a disclaimer.

Aspho Fields

It felt like the author pulled Gears info to build a frame of a story around that info, threw in some dialogue and hope that the reader is familiar enough with the Gears universe to hold the whole thing together.

Mar 26, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: Major Victor Hoffman was ordered by his superiors to lead a small Commando force and a Pesangas volunteer team into Aspho Point by beachhead, raid, and capture key scientists that could create the Hammer technology. D Knowing more the main character of the game almost 15 years before the 1 St game start by knowing more there root will make you enjoy the game and the book GOW world allot better For who that like story about human defend last hope and are in a fringe of there kind being wipe out against a more superior foe this book its for you His legs were shaking as he moved to the edge of the pit that had opened in the paving and aimed his rifle below, just in case the grubs had backup on the way.


He just turned around and jumped, relying on the give in the loose rock and the thick soles of his boots to cushion the impact. I don’t know but I found myself wishing there was more to the way the story was told then what was presented. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. To begin I will say that I am a big fan of gears of war, but for that review I will just base on the book and not taking my fan thought be in the way Flashing back 26 years earlier, a year-old Marcus arrives at Olafson Intermediate School.

It’s a little bloody, a little crass, but it’s a good war dields through and through. Thanks for telling us about the problem. She does a very good job writing scenes of battle and war, as well as the camaraderie between solders.

The human soldiers here are called Gears and they have chainsaws as part of their arsenal. He immediately gets back into the action. Mataki was a member of the assault force during the Battle of Aspho Fields and a survival specialist who trained Dom, Marcus and Carlos SantiagoDom’s older brother, were members of the same force. Marcus is fresh out of prison after serving four years due largely because of the continuing threat of the Locust.


He is carrying a weapon called the RetroLancer. First unless you’ve played the game I doubt that the fact this is based on a game sy I realized recently that I often open my reviews with, “Well See all customer images.

The two begin tracking a squad of grubs, discovering that the Locust intention is to attack the convoy from North Gate. I found the characters well-developed, believable, humanand more or less likable. As much as I love Mass Effect, nothing ever feels really urgent in those game despite there being an intergalactic war against an almost unstoppable force going on.

I borrowed this book from my digital library.

Table of Contents

I just didn’t find what I wanted in this case. This book is really enjoyable to read for different reason. Mar 29, Jemma rated it it was amazing. And Traviss’s new female characters fit in fine. As for myself, I’m already ordering the rest of Traviss’ novels. Traviss admits herself that she’s worked on a lot of stuff in her day, tie-ins and the like and that not all of the varied franchises and projects have been particularly worthy. The commandos wiped out one Indie special forces squad and killed two guards, and made their escape via Marlin attack boats to be picked up by Sea Ravens, rigging the base to explode, which it eventually did.

At this point the commando team finds out that the UIR has a backup of the Hammer data in another location; the Coalition carrier Merit sends two Petrel fighter-bombers to deal with the backup, but they are both shot down by UIR AA and Asp armored cavalry units.