An Introduction to Persian Poetry I. Rubaiyyat of Baba Taher “Oryan” By: M. S. Tajar, Ph. D. Ed. D. Former Lecturer, University of the Philippines “The aesthetic. From The Quatrains of Baba Tahir Oryan of Hamadan (Persian Mystic). I am that ocean now in foam and tide; I am that sun, but now in rays abide. I move and. Baba Tahir Oryan. Baba Tahir Oryan’s mysticism, philosophy, and sentiments are reflected in his Rubaiyyat. Oryan, born in Hamadan, Iran, in the early eleventh.

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Aref Qazvini Aref Qazvini. Rumi, is the “All time best-selling Poet,” in the world history. Makh-toom Qoli Faraghi the national poet of Turkministan. Remember me on this computer.

He could be described as the first great poet of Sufi love in Persian literature. Persian Poets “in Exile” or the Diaspora Another fascinating aspect of the Persian poetry is the presence of many Persian poets in some foreign lands.

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Baba Tahir Oryan – 11th Centuary Persian Poet – Persian Poets, Poetry and Poetic Art

You could turn them into poetry! Sultan Mohammad Fateh 5. Mohammad Ali Forooghi, the late Iranian Scholar, as such: When Heron-Allen produced his edition in no more than some eighty quatrains were known. And none of them has a single line of poetry in Turkish or Arabic; although Rumi has a few lines in Arabic, interwoven with Persian, too. Baba Tager is known as one of the most revered early poets in Persian literature.


Baba Taher Oryan Hamadani with certainty is not much ooryan about him. Menhaj Lahori 17th Century A. I have adopted a middle way, by keeping alive the spirit of the poems, and the intentions of the poet, without also damaging the rhyming in English as well, which is as important as the contents of the poems themselves.

The following are the national poets of other countries who have composed the whole, or a part of their poetry in Persian: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Tomb of Baba Taher. Rokni Kashani 17th Century A. For instance, while Russia appropriately has declared Alexander Pushkinthe great, great-grandson of an African slave, as its own national poet, Pakistan on the other hand, rightfully prides itself in Dr. Some of the best-known Indian Pakistani, Kashmiri, Bangladeshi poets who are considered as the masters of the Persian poetry are as follows: Nuwas is probably the Arabic pronunciation of “Nawaz” which in Persian means “singing,” “chanting,” etc.

And that’s what a good poem is all about. In the same manner that the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world was a Persian creation designed by the Master Architect, Ustad Eisa Shirazi and just as the Queen Mumtaz Mahal, the Persian Beauty, who conquered the Indian Hearts, and now she is resting in peace in the Taj Mahal, the Persian poetry and art also have influenced the art and culture and even ogyan language of bzba Indian subcontinent, immensely, and they will live forever, in the Indian subcontinent including Pakistan, Bangladesh and also Afghanistan, the countries of the Central Asia up to China on the one hand, and Turkey, Armenia up to Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia of the former Yugoslavia in the Balkans, on the other as a rich cultural heritage.


Baba Taher Oryan Hamadani

Zoroaster — B. Baba Taher Oryan Hamadani.

Submitted tags will be reviewed by site administrator before it is posted online. Urdu” himself was so fascinated with the Persian poetry that, not only he composed his own masterpieces in Persian language, but tqher went so far as to declare himself “a Persian” like a true Sufi who becomes one with his own beloved.

Privacy Policy Add Comment. But then, there are hundreds of other excellent Persian poets who are equally great, if not even greater than those already mentioned, whom the outside world doesn’t know much, oryzn because there has not been enough good translations of those masters available in the English language.

In Persian language, the two main ingredients of an excellent poetry, i. The great Persian poet, Nasser Khosro Qabadiani has a beautiful observation about non- Persian speaking poets composing good poems in Persian language. Once, in my early youth, I used the same argument with an Iranian poet. Indeed, Ghaleb or “Mr. He spent his time in the jungles and mountains. In the last two decades his do-baytis have often been put to music”.

It is said that he was a woodcutter. CNN World Report — up to present 6.