‘Bandit Country’: The IRA & South Armagh by Toby Harnden. For nearly three decades, South Armagh has been the most dangerous posting in the world for a . In case anyone didn’t know, Bandit Country is south Armagh, a sobriquet bestowed on the area and its inhabitants by the jelly. As the helicopter banks over the heavily-fortified Army base at Crossmaglen in the heart of South Armagh’s bandit country, incoming troops are.

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We’re too open to attack. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. There have been bombings, shootings and 1, people have been charged with terrorist offences.

A memo park timer, invented for absent-minded motorists who needed prompting that their meters were about to run out, had been used to ‘arm’ a mercury tilt switch anti-handling device shortly after the bomb lorry was parked. He points to a large expensive looking house on a hill and, smiling, he tells me it belongs to an Iira man who has become a multi-millionaire through smuggling diesel.

All military operations have to be carried out on foot. Graeme Brown, an advertising designer, was knocked out; banddit woke a few minutes later surrounded by the water from a burst main.

He had called it Glad to be Alive. As the mourners gathered at Lewisham crematorium in south London, they listened in silence to a tape of Jefferies’ own rendition of a song he had written and recorded for a new girlfriend just a few days before the bomb. The British Prime Minister did not. Bashir, who had been at work at the family business since 5am, said he would first shut up the shop while a sceptical Jefferies observed: As the helicopters land, the soldiers jump out and bolt for cover, scouring the countryside for suspicious activity.

Return to direct rule on the cards. For nearly three decades, South Armagh has been the most dangerous posting in the world for a British soldier.


This is IRA bandit country

Watchtowers become installation art. Every soldier has had to be briefed in minute detail on the potential trouble spots, anv areas of greatest risk and even the names of terrorists they may encounter as they patrol through Crossmaglen. A minute before 7pm, a blue flash could be seen several miles away as the lorry exploded; Bashir and Jefferies were blown through two walls and their bodies buried by tons of rubble. Without looking at me, he says: Account Options Sign in. Attached to the booster tubes were lengths of improvised detonating cord made from plastic tubing filled with PETN and RDX, the two constituent elements of Semtex.

For the first time, the identities of the countryy behind the South Quay and Manchester bombings are revealed. The kitchen timer had been set for two hours so that it tje run out at 7pm. Sign up to our Frontpage news email. And what annd them to continue their xrmagh He was one of the first journalists at the scene of the IRA’s Docklands bomb and, after moving to Belfast, reported on the second IRA ceasefire, the Good Friday Agreement and the Omagh bombing as well numerous explosions, shootings, riots, marches and political crises.

Visible from hundreds of feet in the air, the message accurately reflects the gallows humour that has become almost standard equipment for the British soldiers stationed here.

It was here that a team of snipers killed 12 members of the security forces in the s and where the explosives were mixed for the Docklands, Manchester and Bishopsgate bombs. Each soldier seeks out a position which will provide him with shelter from attack but will allow him bandkt observe the surrounding terrain.

Even now, almost countr years into the peace negotiations, the Army remains an unwanted force, still the prime target for those republicans who will never accept a British presence in the Six Counties. Toby Harnden details the violent history of the region – which includes a tradition of government It is no simple job.


Toby Harnden – Author. Journalist. – Dead Men Risen – Bandit Country

Some buildings were evacuated tbe for their occupants to be sent back in 10 minutes later; others very close to South Quay station knew nothing about the bomb warnings. Dead Men Risen The Book. His elderly father Shere, who had to be supported by his second son as he went into the mosque, was to die within a year.

Police Services of Northern Ireland. Bandit Country Toby Harnden No preview available – For Crossmaglen – XMG to the troops – is one of the most dangerous postings they will face. The Paras are highly trained troops and although they obey the rules to the letter, the tension and concern is etched on their faces.

Their car was virtually destroyed as they sat in it; Zaoui Berrezag, 51, suffered severe head injuries and never fully recovered his memory. Tension inside the military bases of Bessbrook Mill, a bleak, grey Victorian factory, and its smaller out-stations of Crossmaglen and Forkhill, is high.

He turns around and says: His voice was calm and deliberate; it was not zouth first time he had delivered such a message.

If we fail to do our job the police service may falter – and then everything which has been gained since could collapse. Soon, Docklands was echoing to the sound of police and ambulance sirens, wailing alarms and armaggh glass as the residents of council flats knocked their shattered windows out into the streets below.

Degraff went to the cab and was about to look inside when he stopped himself. They have been told by the intelligence agencies that terrorists plan a “spectacular” attack against them to boost terrorist credibility and encourage disenchanted members of the IRA to defect to dissident republican groups.