Get $5 off your first eBook; Get your first audiobook for free . Book 5 · Because You Torment Me (Because You Are Mine Part Six) – Because You Are Book 6. You can “read-in-store” for free on this title up to an hour a day. .. BECAUSE YOU TEMPT ME is the first novella in Beth Kery’s 8 part novella “Because You Are. Because You Are Mine: The Complete Novel. by Beth Kery Because You Tempt Me. by Beth Kery National bestselling author Beth Kery reveals a l More.

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Because You Tempt Me (Because You Are Mine, #) by Beth Kery

I would have been willing to pay the full price of all 8 parts if they had been offered as a complete novel. I’ll happily pay for books that I can’t wait to read that sound interesting, yyou that are a part of a series that I love, but I refuse to support this author in her money-making scheme.

Each week beginning July 31, the publisher will release a subsequent novella in becaues series culminating on September 18 with Because I Am Yours. I do believe this is the best 2 chapters I have ever read. As it turns out Ian had been the inspiration for that painting. Enter the name of the series to add the book to it. A One Night of Passion Novella 2. Ending was a little disappointing, but everything leading up to it was amazing. Read more reviews on my blog.

Then heat would rush to my sex. Francesca does her homeworks, takes classes, paints at Ian’s penthouse and has driving lessons with Jacob.


And Franscesca decides to take her little revenge on Ian.

Aug 02, Laura Elizabeth rated it did not like it Shelves: This book is just so erotic that it should top the charts. I’ll be curious to see if more publishers begin releasing these I kept reading the series because I wanted to find out what happens in the end and because it is well written with many descriptions.

Series: Because You Are Mine

Once Upon a Dream. This is my first read with a sexy Fencing hero. He seemed much less the suave, controlling dominant business man he had been up to now as he treated her a bit like a well paid whore. Since she had to fill out a lengthy application for the competition, Ian knows a lot about Francesca. Note that this is a serialized novel, with new chapters being released every Tuesday for the next eight weeks.

However strong the physical attraction between these two may be, there are complications from the start when this couple’s flame is ignited. Make Me Remember Make Me: I don’t know how I feel about that.

Francesca must first learn to yield to the passions of Ian in order to awaken her deepest fantasies. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Because You Torment Me (Because You Are Mine, #) by Beth Kery

I felt a bit like I lost steam in this installment. It couldn’t be ignored – only indulged, evolving into a bond of pleasurable subjugation. Because apparently all women are interested in i Do yourself a favor and don’t lose your brain cells by reading this book.

What else could this euphoric feeling be as she watched him there in the mirror, abandoning himself completely to bliss? But Ian’s detachment soon breaks, and he goes back to being the sexy and passionate man we all knew. Trivia About Because You Torme A quick shout out to the beautiful cover – Ian has a crystal chandelier hanging in his dungeon and this is what Francesca would be seeing every time he lays her on her back.


The prospect of possessing her is impossible to ignore, and Ian is a man who always gets what he wants She had been sad to have to sell it. I really have enjoyed her books in the past, and I am excited for this continuing story.

But once back in Chicago Ian and Francesca go their separate ways promising to have dinner together several nights later. Good oneperhaps a bit slow at the biginingbut it’s going to pick upi can feel it. View all 11 comments. Not a lot of authors can pull this off by selling a few chapters at a time.

But Ian had a secret-demons that road him hard. In fact, this part only has 30 pages, when you discard excerpts from other books. She writes contemporary romances as well as erotic contemporary romances, her hallmarks being emotional intensity, leap-off-the-page realistic characters and steamy sexual tension.

Who would play Ian in a movie?? I didn’t like this part that much