Benchcrafted Moxon Vise Hardware – Moxon Vise Hardware Kit is designed to clamp to any workbench. The Moxon Vise is extremely fast and easy to use. BenchCrafted Moxon Vice Ref: BC-MV The BenchCrafted Moxon Vice clamps to any bench, raising your workpiece to a convenient height and holding it. Perhaps I should be the last person to buy a Moxon-style vise kit from Benchcrafted. After all, I’ve built six of these highly functional vises for.

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Works well for me. What’s more, this design lets you elevate the work to a comfortable height, so you can make close cuts without stooping. If you would like to place a pre-paid store pick-up order, add the item to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout and select the ‘Store Pick-up’ option on the billing information screen. If you build small furniture or boxes for example, you may want to build a vice with less space between screws.

You can read more about the book in ShopWoodworking. You can also build a benchtop bench with the Moxon vice hardware. I was happy with my bench vise but because of all of all your cheerleading about the Moxon style vise I took the plunge.

Mitch Wilson November 13, Benchrafted also brings the work up to a better work height. It is so fast and sturdy. The chamfer allows you to get your saw in closer and get a couple viee strokes without having to adjust the drawer front or remove it from the vise.

He’s a hand-tool enthusiast though he uses power tools, too. Just finished my Benchcrafted Moxon Vise this week. Just a quick question…Are you using dog holes to keep it stable to the bench? This links seems to be broken, the other link to the prototype is fine.

  AR 601-100 PDF

Found exactly the info I needed!! The 2nd Israeli Woodworking extravaganza in vis Galilee — part 3: Bill Lattanzio November 13, Someone asked about what adhesive to use on the suede, use 3m spray adhesive-very clean and easy.

My Benchcrafted Moxon Vise

I only have one concern about the Benchcrafted Moxon Vise. Clamps or holdfasts for benchtop mounting not included. This incredible little book is part forgotten history and part how-to. They make three vises, and all of them are percent crazy over-the-top winners. When I nail it a few times mine will get the chamfer treatment like yours. Benchcrafted benchcraftes, Moxon Vise. Inc VAT Shipping is extra.

Privacy Policy Terms of Use. The Benchcrafted version just earned a permanent spot under my Roubo workbench. A wood on wood friction would wear evenly, as with the original version. Stock availability information is current but may change as you shop. The real genius of the Benchcrafted kit is that the threaded posts are stationary. It really is a joy to use. What did you use to glue on the suede? A low-profile squared piece of timber is screwed to the rear wooden jaw to clamp the mountable vice to the workbench using hold-downs.

Recruiter November 13, What do you think about using softwood 2x stock for the jaws?

Benchcrafted™ Moxon Vise Hardware

The two wooden jaws may differ in becnhcrafted by 1 to 2 mm, which should have no effect during normal usage. IronWood November 13, This will make the vice easier to mount to your bench and store.


You could plane a little off the protruding jaw if this bothers you. I did some half blinds and you are correct that the saw comes very close to striking the moveable jaw.

My Benchcrafted Moxon Vise | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Setting one wheel for the workpiece thickness, the opposite wheel is massive enough to literally push the jaw to the workpiece and hold it there solidly with only a quick spin of the wheel. Dean November 12, Cutting dovetails is my business, and as much as I love tinkering with tools I would rather just get to work working wood and not the tools themselves.

Holes in suede should be accepted! When you are cutting traditional half-blind dovetails you need to point your dovetail saw to the ceiling to overcut your baseline.

Since they are using metal handwheels, my concern would be that over time, the wood behind the wheels would start to wear out, fairly rapidly. Is this worth it? Modon you cut dovetails and other joints by hand, this is a bencncrafted that will completely change your experience in the shop.

I need a bench vise….

My Benchcrafted Moxon Vise https: If it is I would certainly consider it. The quality is over-the-top, and the finished vixe will exceed your expectations.

Store Address Store Hours. The only moving parts are the heavy handwheels. Fast and effortless, the Moxon vice makes joinery a pleasure. Chris, Thanks for sharing your woodworking passion.