The Lower Benue Trough is the southern portion of the Benue Trough that is believed to have originated as a failed arm of an aulacogen at the time of the. The Benue Trough of Nigeria (Figure 1(a)) is an intracontinental basin in Central West Africa that extends NE to SW. It is over km in length and exceeds. The Benue Trough is an elongate rifted depression in which the sediments reach well over m thickness in places and have been strongly folded, probably.

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Descriptive statistics showed that artisanal fisher folk were mostly married male adults with low level of formal education, low income, and low use of modern technologie Toyota also has introduced laser welding onto 3 dimensional parts named trough panel since Ground water abstraction from shallow wells is widely practiced in the Obi and in Oju rural areas of Benue State, Central Nigeria, as a means of fighting guinea worm benie associated with the surface water sources streams in these areas.

The second is found only in the south of the trough, and may belong to a period when the extension of the Atlantic had slowed down, ending with a period of compression. Physical and chemical analyses showed that the soils are moderately fertile but require effective application of inorganic and organic fertilisers.

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The lower crust, in comparison, is. The increased material and design challenges incurred with the high temperature operation have been reflected in sophisticated qualification and validation procedures. The glacial landforms are interpreted to lie at the seaward end of a glacial trough — the first to be reported on the East Siberian margin, here referred to as the De Long Trough troug of its location due north of the De Long Islands.

The mechanism of the formation of the Trough dominated most of the early studies carried out in the area and, although, still controversial, an unstable RRF rift-rift fault triple junction model leading to plate dilation and the opening of the Gulf of Guinea Benkhelil, ; Fairheada and Binks, Sedimentation and tectonics of the Sylhet troughBangladesh.

Mixing of the volcanic fragments with outer-shelf and upper -slope lutites results in mixed bioclastic-terrigenous troufh south of central and western Puerto Rico. These terrestrial contributions diluted and downgraded the anoxic level such that TOCs are generally low to moderate and organic matter became generally of type III and IV.

Petroleum Potentials of the Nigerian Benue Trough and Anambra Basin: A Regional Synthesis

Many popular applications on grough devices, such as email synchronization and social network updates, are delay tolerant. Journal of Petroleum Geology. Petrophysical measurements namely; electrical resistivity, density, porosity, electrical resistivity anisotropy and water saturation were performed on fourteen representative surface rock samples from Girei, part of the Yola arm of the Upper Benue troughNE Nigeria.


Bivariate plot relationships of standard deviation vs. Particular attention is paid to eustatic sea level fluctuation especially during the period marked by accumulation of Azolla Beds under considerable desalination of surface waters in the basin. The potential reservoirs in the Gombe Formation may be sealed by the intercalating silty shales of the formation, benud may not be competently and laterally very effective.

Small mammals in oak woodlands in the Puget TroughWashington. It provides results from geologic logs and seismic data to provide cross sectional and structural interpretations. The average spectrum of all the values falling within this frequency range is calculated and the resulting value together constitute the radial spectrum of the anomalous field. Deformation probably rtough by terminating trough deposition in latest Emsian to early Eifelian time and ended in early Givetian time at about Ma ago.

Table 1 gives the locations of these sections with X 1 and X 2 representing the limiting longitude values while Y 1 and Y 2 give the limiting latitude values.

The above equation is used directly if frequency units are benie radians km -1but for those in cycles km -1 is used:. Erosive coping strategies that undermined the sustainability of livelihoods were used trougn more Without reliable, cost-effective energy storage or backup power, renewable sources will struggle to achieve benuee high penetration in the electric grid.

Systematic measurements of the oriented samples taken from the cores were conducted for obtaining their remnant magnetic polarity. In the alternate model proposed here, faulting was brittle, extensional failure resulting form subsidence and flexure of the continental margin to the east. The discharge of mining effluents through farmlands to the Bakebu stream, which drains the area, further exposes the dwellers of this environment trouhg the accumulation of potentially harmful metals PHMs in their bodies through the consumption of food crops, aquatic animals, and domestic uses of the water collected from the stream channels.

In the lower Benuesubbituminous coals occur within the Maastrichtian Mamu Formation. We obtained a well-constrained chronology from compilation of existing Johnson et al.

Benue Trough – Wikipedia

Food and condition of the catfish Synodontis in Upper Benue River Based on kerogen pyrolysis and microscopy coupled with biomarker parameters, the organic matters contain Type I lacustrine algaeType III terrestrially derived land-plants and Type IV kerogens deposited in a mixed lacustrine-terrestrial environment under suboxic to relatively anoxic conditions.

Serum samples were collected from a total of pigs, including from 74 piggeries and 44 grough Makurdi slaughter slab.


A good source rock may be expected in the depth deeper than m horizon. Potential source rocks of this system are the interbedded shales of the Bima and Yolde Formations. As we pursue efforts to lower the capital and installation costs of parabolic trough solar collectors, it is essential to maintain high optical performance. Several sub-commercial oil and gas discovery were made at different horizons in the Anambra Basin of Nigeria in addition to triugh heavy crude seepages recorded at Ugwueme Figure 21 within the Owelli Sandstone of the Nkporo Group.

Interaction between wind regimes and topography can give rise to complex suites of aeolian landforms. Differential fractions using magnetic procedure were designed to separate samples.

Contrasting modes of rifting: In this model serpentinisation of the upper mantle is needed to explain low upper mantle seismic velocities. Potential petroleum system s in the Central Benue Trough tgough from Obaje et al. Isotopic feature and uranium dating of the volcanic rocks in the Okinawa Trough. The role of water in the petrogenesis of Marina trough magmas. The Pindiga Formation, Bima sandstone, Yolde formation and Gombe sandstone, occupy the Northeastern portion of the map and extend down to the Southeastern part of the area.

The resulting equation was tested for validation with independent data obtained bebue additional plots and was found to be trokgh for estimating the crown diameter for Parkia biglobosa in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. The effects of thick sediment upon continental breakup: This invention can also be benur to make non-parabolic mirrors for other apparatus and applications.

The rocks were formed in a within-plate setting of the intra-continental rift type similar to other igneous rocks in the Benue Rift and are not. The maps were digitised along flight lines and the data were interpolated on to a regular grid of 0. The results agree with theoretical conclusions that explain the formation of the trough by the collective transport of ionospheric plasma in a sunward direction.

Thermal and chemical variations of the Nigerian Benue trough lead-zinc-barite-fluorite deposits. Their formation age becomes progressively younger from NW to SE and the youngest rift basin is the Okinawa Troughan active backarc basin of the Ryukyu Nansei-Shoto arc-trench system, to the southwest of Kyusyu, Japan.

We genue a slight thinning of troughh crust further to the northeast bdnue the Colorado River??? Today parabolic trough collectors are the most successful concentrating solar power CSP technology. The Lower Cretaceous fluivio-lacustrine petroleum system and Upper Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary, marine dominated petroleum system.