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Click Add to include four tutoriial attributes and give them names. In the User Configuration tab, this time select the Analysis role:. Click Next to move to defining attributes applicable to Severity.

This tutorial presumes you have already installed Bizagi Studio and have created a Bizagi project to work on. By clicking Addnaming the attribute as Ticket attachmentsand in the third column Type selecting File so this attribute supports having the user upload tutirial or file attachments in general.

Setting authorization means configuring access rights so you can establish well-defined boundaries around what each of the roles may and may not accomplish. This case has already moved forward into the Confirm solution activity. Switch to the Business key tab, and check the Enable business keys checkbox. Use the Add Severity button to input a new value. Click the Entities module in the list on the left and locate the Severity entity.

Certifications Ready to test your power to ignite the digital transformation journey? Access the Work portal with the different users you created, to verify how the built process behaves.

Bizagi video tutorials

If bizayi closed the browser, launch the Work portal again by using the Run button in Bizagi Studio. With Bizagi, you do this by defining entities and their inner attributes, to organize how information will be stored, as well as defining possible relationships between entities. Back gutorial the process diagram view for the forms, click Analyze and resolve to define its form. Over the next steps, complete the process diagram, by using some of the features you have learned.


Repeat the starting procedure you have used to define an assignment condition:. For this tutorial and for simplicity, we define a very tuttorial Help desk data model that contains the ticket’s subject, a description, and file attachments for starters, as well as other bits of information involved further on during the process such as: Start drawing the process diagram by dragging a Start Event into the top Lane Requester:.

Course Catalog Speed up your learning process. Course Catalog Take a series of online courses at your own pace to learn how to model and automate business processes using Bizagi. Switch to the User configuration tab, and assign the role for this user.

Switch to the Controls tab, expand Containers and double-click Group and add a new group. You build applications and business processes through bizzgi Bizagi Studio Windows desktop application. When the data model diagram closes, you return back to the Process wizard. Use the search box located at the upper right corner, to browse for a given case.

Bizago the current window with the diagram and click Yes when prompted to save your changes:. When logged out, you see the login page, and you can now run a full test involving the different users participating in the Help Desk process:. As when defining forms, the elements which haven’t been configured yet are highlighted with yellow shadowing.

The assignment algorithm evaluates that the same user U02 should work on this case since they have worked on bizgi before, so user U02 has priority over user U03 even though both users have the Service agent role that meets the assignment condition. Be your best with our tailored training, based on the perfect blend of your skills and needs. Modeling data involves defining structures to hold information that your business requires. The activity’s default Task 1 text highlights and you can rename this shape.


Bizagi Maintenance

Fill in the Subject and Detailed description and select a Severity from the values in the drop-down list:. Click the Sequence Flow labeled Yes: Tutorial only consider distributing workload according to role definitions, as we described at the beginning, where a Requester and a Help desk agent role are involved. Enforcing case privacy means restricting visibility and access to process instances cases so only end users who are working on them or have worked on them previouslycan see their information.

Add another Activity after Analyze and resolveusing the Pie menu the same way as before. Then click the logged-in user’s avatar at the upper right corner and click Log out:.

This way, you are enforcing security parameters so that, for instance, really large files or any file types other than the ones specified such as potentially harmful ones aren’t permitted.