These are the release notes for Blender Released on 12 Sept, Denoiser; PBR Shader; Shadow Catcher; Filmic Color Management; Faster AMD . Community · Manual · Tutorials · Python API · Developers Forum · · News · Jobs · Website · Contact · Open DataNEW. Follow Blender. Development . · c · a · · a · · · · · · · · · Community · Manual · Tutorials · Python API · Developers Forum.

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Camera lens shift support to produce architecture-like two vanishing point renders and to match projector offsets.

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Auto-running Python scripts can now be controlled more securely. Filmic Color Management A new Filmic view transform has been added, for more photorealistic results and better handling of high dynamic range.

Manula for storing multiple proxies one custom directory Option to store proxies per strip or per project. Join now and support Blender development!

This option will make the object to only receive shadows in a way that it could be composed onto another image. User Interface Render border is now compatible with cached render blended image abovesave buffers and full sample anti-aliasing, camera frame.

Blender is Free Software. Support Blender Blender Foundation welcomes recurring donations to the Development Fundwhich enables coders from the community to work for a set period of time on specific objectives.

Grease Pencil Huge changes done in this release allow Blender to work in a way similar to other 2D drawing software, and to get a production ready 2D animation tool that can mix 2D drawings with 3D objects and composition.


The Bevel tool supports bevelling individual vertices msnual addition to edges now, with one or more segments. Motion Tracker Some new features and smaller improvements to existing ones were done for motion tracking. Modeling Two new tools: Game Engine The character physics type received a number of new options, profiling and debug information has been cleaned up, and simple shadow maps can now take clipped alpha transparency into account.

Environment lighting using the Sky Color and White modes Environment map texture reflection with blencer, mirror environment texture influence Normal Map node from Cycles and multiple tangent spaces Moreover: Smoke rendering quality has been improved to reduce blockiness.

Blender Render shading can now be computed in world space rather than camera space, and the stamp metadata feature now supports hiding the labels to save space.

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Modeling Support for Custom Normals was added, and transferring data layers between meshes is now possible thanks to a new Mesh Data Transfer operator and modifier. User Interface Application templates to define a reusable configuration Automatic scaling for high DPI displays on Windows and Linux Image empties now support multi-view stereo Reorganized sequencer and UV editor panels Custom shortcuts for keyframing and drivers More tooltips now show the reason why the button is disabled Add-on duplicates warning now includes paths.

Hair rendering on the GPU has been enabled as well. This is a 2.

Depth of Field got an option for high quality display File Browser: Node auto-offset feature that helps organizing node layouts. When using the add-on Rigify, please note: Camera zoom motion blur support: New stroke modifiers were implemented, allowing for a wider variety of user-defined maunal styles: The Node Editor can now show text-blocks in frames Customizable camera safe areas.


In addition to the new lbender, over bugs that existed in previous releases have been fixed.

Operator to add a blank frame Reproject Strokes option to project strokes onto geometry UI improvements. The Blender Foundation and online developer community are proud to present Blender 2.

Checker de-select now has the option to skip steps Improved Select Linked options and support. New Mirror Ball projection mode.

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Great memory consumption optimization in Freestyle NPR stroke rendering. Great memory consumption optimization in stroke rendering Game Engine: These are the release notes for Blender 2.

Game Engine New hysteresis parameter for smoother transitions between LODs Material and World mist attributes now support animation Debug drawing of Sun Lamps shadow range Improved collision masks and groups Replication of rigid body joint constraints for blwnder instances Python API improvements with subclassing, new options and methods Over 40 bug fixes see list.

Blender Foundation welcomes recurring donations to the Development Fundwhich enables coders from the community to work for a set period blejder time on specific objectives.