Buy Wholeness and the Implicate Order (Routledge Classics) 1 by David Bohm ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. ‘I find his concept of wholeness extraordinarily appeal- ing, as an explanation of the David. Bohm. Wholeness and the. Implicate Order. London and New York. Wholeness and the Implicate Order has ratings and 64 reviews. David Bohm was one of the foremost scientific thinkers and philosophers of our time.

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It is present in the cyclical process of the universe. This section is particularly heavy going for the general reader,although the explanations between equations do elucidate what is generally implied. It acts through an inwardness in consciousness. This is like a hologram; in each region of space, the order of the whole illuminated structure is enfolded and carried in the movement of light.

It means that we don’t have to be stunned when our theories crumble.

This could be an interesting chapter for readers interested in the philosophy of physics and consciousness. He asserts that the essence of the universe is in moments. This makes it clear that we are not acting mechanistically, in the sense that we would be pushed and pulled by objects in the surroundings, but rather we act according to our consciousness of them oredr if you are not conscious of them you cannot act intelligently toward them.

He calls this the “holomovement. Consciousness, Bohm notes, can be “described in terms of a series of moments. Bohm’s explanation of “manifest” is basically that in certain sub-orders, within the “whole set” of Implicate Order, there is a “totality of forms that have an approximate kind of recurrence, stability and separability.


Oct 02, Natty Peterkin rated it liked it.

This could go on indefinitely. Sagan, Einstein, Feinberg, Bryson, Hawking he’s ok, not great. Similarly, nature will respond in accordance with implicats theory with which it is approached. Holomovement is undivided and unbroken totality which is indefinable and immeasurable.

As a work krder science, it’s incomplete, speaks only in general terms, and should be judged by peer review science. If conscious experience cannot be fully accounted ths within the explicate order of matter, then there is no choice but to explore the role played by the implicate order and what may lie beyond it. I got through only a few more pages of the second where Bohm makes more wild guesses at existence by saying things like ‘all modern languages have a subject-verb-object structure’ as it is obvious that Bohm has a very small and biased view of reality and history.

Him being a physicist, he is doing a better job at bringing physics and consciousness together than some philosophers of consciousness do.

Wholeness and the Implicate Order

So Bihm say that this movement is the basic movement suggested by quantum theory. It is a Presence within cosmic roder. I wasn’t aware that we were up to such childish games as ‘right’ and ‘wrong! However, the conversation Dr. For Bohm it is the development of consciousness! Extremely technical book that starts with examining the patterns in human language structure and syntax, the origins of language, and how different modalities of language can be used.

Overall not an easy read for the untrained or uninitiated, but still worthwhile. After getting lost in various complex subjects, the last chapter is a welcome summary and conclusion of the whole pun intended.

Newtonian physics is still used, even though relativity and quantum are much impicate in certain situations.


One has to work with the probabilities rather than certainties, because it is impossible for an observer to describe all aspects of a particle at once speed and location. At the end of the rainbow, there is something that cannot be quantified. His best-known works include: The holomovement or the law of the whole also called holonomy allows certain amount of relative autonomy in the forms seen merely as aspects of holomovement.

Consciousness, therefore, is really our most immediate experience of this implicate order. Indeed the notion of order ass a whole is not only vast, but it is also probably incapable of a complete definition, if only because some kind of order is presupposed in everything we do, including, for example, the very act of defining order. Then there are more subtle orders such as the order of language, the order of logic, the bonm in music, the order of sensations and thought etc.

Wholeness and the Implicate Order by David Bohm

He mentioned that “integration” is impossible due to the finity of our mind, but he said we should examining as many aspects of reality as possible to see something as a whole. This interpretation of existence and physical realty is identical to that of Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism. I know theory more than the mathematics that underpin them. The second category is obtained by considering superquantum wave function acting upon the field.

According to Bohm, insight is pure perception. Humanity is the pilgrim in this cosmic process. Only made it to page 40ish. I love this man!