Learn more about Bridelia uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, interactions, dosage, user ratings and products that contain Bridelia. Asas, Assas, Bridelia cathartica, Bridelia ferruginea , Bridelia grandis, Bridelia micrantha, Bridelia. In present study we explore dose dependent effects of Bridelia ferruginea on hematological parameters. The hematological responses of albino. A review of Bridelia ferruginea, Combretum glutinosum and Mitragina inermis plants used in zootherapeutic remedies in West Africa: historical.

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The Effect Of Bridelia ferruginea Bark Extract On Some Pathogenic Micro-Organisms

Morphological abnormalities ferruhinea classified as headless sperm, banana head, bent neck and bent tail. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Effect of wastewater treated with methanolic bark extract of Bridelia ferruginea Benth on rat kidney and liver.

Stability and hypoglycemic actions of the leaf extract tablets. Each chamber of the hemocytometer was loaded with 10 microliters of the diluted sperm 1: Investigation into the haematologic and hepatoxic effects of rinba-cin in rats.

West African Plants – A Photo Guide – Bridelia ferruginea Benth.

The animals were closely observed for behavioral changes such as restlessness, hyperactivity and dullness, freruginea well as for general morphological changes. To confirm death, each animal was monitored for the following signs: This was however not the case in the present study as an increase in platelets was observed in the test groups compared to the control.

Drug Research and Production Unit, Obafemi. Studies on the anti-inflammatory and related pharmacological properties of the aqueous extract of Bridelia ferruginea stem bark.


Cells were split 1: According to McKnight et al. All western blot experiments were carried out at least three times. Anaemia and red blood cell transfusion in the critically ill patient.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Evaluation of serum levels of reduced glutathione, glutathione-s-transferase and nitric oxide in breast ferrugknea patients undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy. Serum catalase activity was determined according to the method of Beers and Sizer as described by Usoh et al. The aim of the present investigation was to evaluate the sub-chronic toxicological effects of the stem bark aqueous extract of Bridelia ferruginea in rats.

Effects of aqueous stem bark extract of Bridelia ferruginea on weight of organs of rats per g body weight. It is also used as a purgative and vermifuge Cimanga et al. However, the biochemical liver enzyme biomarkers of animals treated with B.

West African Plants

Discussion Acute toxicity LD 50 testing has been bridlia used, though often criticized as a parameter for assessing toxicity Lorke, ; Klaassen, ; Timbrel, Topical anti-inflammatory, antiarthritic, antipyretic, and analgesic properties of the plant were also reported by us [ 6 ]. The bark is dark grey, rough and even markedly scaly.

Trop J Pharm Res. The level of significance was set at. Aqueous extract was diluted using sterile distilled water, 1g of the extract was mixed with 10ml of DMSO and also 1g of the extract was equally mixed 19ml of DMSO. Materials and Methods 2. A Role of reactive oxygen species in male infertility. Blood samples were collected at the end of the study for determination of serum oxidative stress parameters, liver enzymes biomarkers, urea, creatinine and hematological parameters. Equal protein loading and transfer were assessed by subjection of each sample to a western blot for actin rabbit antiactin IgG, diluted 1: The micrographs of the kidney sections obtained from untreated rats and rats treated with various doses of aqueous stem bark extract of Bridelia ferruginea.


When increased therapeutic benefit comes at increased cost.

The rats were randomly allotted to four groups of 10 animals each. Determination of lipid peroxidation EC Malondialdehyde, an index of lipid peroxidation, was determined by adding 1. The specific activity of catalase was expressed as moles of hydrogen peroxide ferrruginea per minute per mg protein.

Reduction of nitrite production in LPS-stimulated microglia.

Bridelia ferruginea is a woody shrub that grows in the Savannah or rain forests of Africa and has traditionally been used to treat diabetes, arthritis and boils. Briefly, ferruinea were collected by scraping and ferruuginea twice with cold PBS. Absorbance was read at nm against a blank. The decrease in WBC shown in Table 5 in the test groups compared to the control may imply that the aqueous stem bark extract of Bridelia ferruginea has the ability to cause immunosuppression.