: Brzydula. Pamietnik (polish): Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. Find great deals for Very Good Hardcover Brzydula Pamietnik Kaminska Julia. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Polski: KRAKÓW, POLSKA – LISTOPAD Julia Kamińska fanami w ramach promocji swojej książki „BrzydUla pamiętnik”, które odbyło się.

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Marek learns that Piotr wants to go to the Brzudula, so he starts to feel optimistic that he will soon be rid of his rival, but he doesn’t know that Piotr wants Ula to go with him. Violetta gets in more trouble because of her debts, so she hopes to get a promotion. Ula jumps out of the car and runs into her house.

Paulina tells Aleks, who decided not to leave town, that she kamisoa considering moving back to Italy. Marek decides to get Aleks out of the company for once and for all. Francesco and Anna were later killed in a car accident, leaving their children in the care of Krzysztof and his wife, Helena. Ula had tried to refuse the earrings, but Marek insisted that she earned them. Facebooka, by michal piela, julia kaminska photos use instagram.

Ula is afraid to see Marek, because of Bartek’s threats, but Marek is concerned by the way Ula is avoiding him. Aleks tells Adam to obtain evidence that Pshemko committed plagiarism.


Kasia Madej marked it as to-read Aug 19, When this fails, Violetta accuses Ula of taking a bribe.

Pshemko works until he literally collapses. Paulina asks Ula if they can meet. Movies collection julia podczas ostatniej wizyty w jaska. Ula is convinced that Marek went to Italy with Paulina. While Violetta and Sebastian wait for Ula to do all of the hard work, sparks fly between them and they end up in bed. Ula jokes that her mystery husband will probably be the next man they see. The next morning, Adam uses the password given to him by Violetta and breaks into Ula’s computer.

Ula realizes that Violetta truly seems to miss Maciek. Marek tries to convince Ula that he will leave Paulina for her.

When Jasiek leaves for South Africa, Kinga brzydyla feel jealous of Magda because she sees that Magda is accompanied by a handsome man, but the guy is actually just Magda’s brother. AdriannaJachacy added it Jan 13, She learns about it right when Marek is about to thank her publicly and announce that she is being promoted to Assistant to the President.

Marek promises his father that if he is unable to prevent Pshemko from quitting, he will resign from the presidency. Maciek goes on a date with Violetta and he wants to admit to her that he is not wealthy, as she mistakenly believes he is, but he can’t find the courage to tell her and they soon end up in a hotel room together.

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Sebastian thinks that Maciek is possibly a con man who just wants to use Ula to take over their company.


Ula decides to send Violetta to the next meeting between Marek and Dariusz because her appearance would make a better impression on Terlecki than hers did. She decides to offer her assistance to Aleks. After work, Marek drives Ula home, but kkamiska she gets out of the car they kiss. Marek goes to spend the night at Sebastian’s place and when he gets there he encounters Violetta. Violetta gets a gift from a secret admirer.

File:Julia Kamińska – Empik 2009-11-07 (10).jpg

He goes to Bartek’s mother, Mrs. Her friends advise her to give him a chance. Iza is not concerned about her kamiskka because Pshemko often fires her and then immediately rehires her. Ula reads a letter that Marek wrote in which he describes his feelings for her. Ula, against the advice of Maciek and Ala, agrees to meet with Marek.

Most cast members were scheduled to appear at the event. Ula refuses to accept the CFO position, so Marek decides that the time has come for him to finally seduce her. Jasiek borrows Maciek’s car, under the pretext that he needs to practice driving. Marek is preparing to go to a fashion expo in Milan. Violetta receives another gift from her mystery man and she begins to correspond with him.