Buried Treasure and Transmogrify Treasure-and-Transmogrify Author: Rienna Hawkes Rating: M!!. Buried Treasure and Transmogrify Treasure-and-Transmogrify Buried Treasure and Transmogrify. MULTI-CHAPTER (IN PROGRESS). A Different Kind of Magic by unjellify. Advent by jamesthestagwhore. Buried Treasure and Transmogrify by.

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Her fingers were warm buriied his, which had been prey to the January air, and his heartbeat was loud in his ears. Living with the girl he’d placed on a pedestal and lusted after so hotly it kept him up nights, reminded him of everything he wanted that Alida could not offer, of everything she was not. Sirius had a point there, though James still leaned toward his hunch.

While the stag bit had made her laugh—a lot—mostly she’d been shaken.

Buried Treasure and Transmogrify Chapter New Year’s Eve, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

The amount of relief he felt unsettled him. The Marauders’ Revenge Alida dropped the panties back into the trunk. James still had not wanted to go, but Peter had begged, so they had rented three. Then this old Muggle from across the hall steps out of the lift with his groceries,” Sirius paused to take a shot of his Firewhisky.


Prequel to Heroes for Ghosts. Marks and Misconceptions 5. The summer before, she has a whirlwind romance with a hazel-eyed boy named James Potter.

Some Fics To Drown Your Jily Feels In

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. But she was already climbing the stairs to his private chambers. She loved it, and it might well be where she would spend the rest of her life, but it did not feel like home.

There was no need to over think this. Orsino Thruston, having just slipped in, was startled to have been called upon. All her misgivings about the evening increased. We’re not going to have sex James. I was right there.

Buried Treasure and Transmogrify Chapter 6: Playing with Cards, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

She would never forgive him, something he’d known even before taking his vows. Christmas Gifts by Kerichi.

She was so earnest, but she wasn’t really making much sense. After searching for the compartment housing her friends and stowing her luggage, she had begun her journey to the meeting she was supposed to lead with her new partner.


Marks and Misconceptions 5. James swatted him on the back of the head none too gently.

He had been freasure her for almost a year now, and it still struck Lily as odd. It made her uncomfortable; it made her feel powerful. Reminded him that he had settled. If it had seemed before as though eyes were on her, now it felt as though every person she passed knew the transmoyrify little secrets she was trying to smuggle out of this party. How anyone could stand to be around her for more than a few minutes is beyond me.

They’d already had an argument about this due to the expensive new cauldron he had given her for Christmas. He didn’t know what was stronger: Lily Evans starts Hogwarts as a fifth year, after being homeschooled due to her ill mother.

She looked rumpled and wild, and she was certainly willing.

No wonder she had been so guarded with him.