This review first appeared in the December issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland. You can also read it in its original Polish version here. In some quarters Burmester has gained an unfair reputation in the UK for being expensive German audio bling, due partly to their highly. Used Burmester CD players for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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The is good enough to sound good on an old plank of wood, but the better the support, the better the playback. Buying a Burmester system is an investment for the future. It is sinuous and completely elastic where time is concerned and this provides an eloquent and reassuring base for everything else that it does so well.

Once up and running, the is a hugely impressive performer. gurmester

Burmester , , , B25 (Hi-Fi+ 88) | The Absolute Sound

We used a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact as source and the results are impressive. There are both balanced and single-ended analogue outputs alongside a single-ended record out. Components This product can be a useful addition to: The circuit is electrically fully balanced and the machine comes with a sensible power cable whose polarity is properly marked. Front view Rear view Inner view. It has superb bandwidth, a great sense of space with wide and deep views of the musical soundstage and simply stunning resolution.

The presentation is nicely layered and conveys a good sense of depth too. Music is reproduced at its utmost perfection. Not the chilly needlepoint variety of tiny background sounds that is often cited as musical detail but a more organic version that is unerring in solidity and stability.

Burmester – 089 Belt-Drive CD Player

The huge dynamic swings of the Stravinsky piece are punched out with venom, authority and no sense of strain. Phillips with belt drive Sampling rates: It helps reinforce that refinement of the Over recent years an increasing number of manufacturers at all price levels have taken to include digital inputs onto their new CD players.

This Burmester is as much a system hub as it is a CD player, particularly when you consider it has balanced analogue inputs and variable output too. Burmester also specs its own mains, interconnect and speaker cables sharing much with the internal burmsster of the products and even has a range of equipment stands that provide a visual match for the products. It is certainly smooth, has good resolution and is, for me, characterised with a rhythmic flow and sense of musical movement that, even today, a decade after its introduction, few other 08 can match.


The 10 year-old belt-driven CD remains a classy performer. This makes perfect sense given that every CD player already has built-in digital-to-analogue converter circuitry.

The is like a flowing river burmesfer music whether it is showing you the pure pace and burmestre of impact of a rock band or playing a deliciously considered piece that hardly moves at all.

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We saw a few CD players there, mostly for updating. All images contained in this review are the property of High Fidelity or Burmester.

This time it was gems all the way down. Burmester has traditionally favoured balanced circuit design and this product is no different, and it starts right from the DAC stage and continues through to the output terminals. The amp is monitored for overdrive, overheat and DC offset.

Burmester review | What Hi-Fi?

That said, Burmester frequently gets overlooked in this manner because the company demonstrates all-Burmester systems in shows. The subsequent filter stages and X-Amp2 output stages, are fully balanced without distorting capacitors in the signal path. The tonal expression of the piano lights the way through the piece with a sense of shape and colour that brings accents in time and space.

Design The Burmester-typical chrome front panel characterizes the visual appearance of the CD player. I would happily buy one direct from Germany myself and for a purchase this important might even be tempted to nip over for the day for an audition. Wojciech Pacula CD player: There never seemed that much problem in extracting high levels of information, but I have heard a number of players that, while impressive number crunchers, were never comfortable to listen to for any period of time.

There is no signal-based USB port. It combines an expansive and stable soundstage with precisely located instruments. For me it is the art of great musicianship and burmestet.

The player is certainly a joy to use with an excellent display, adjustable through 4 brightness levels plus an off function and a very large but clear remote control that has been thankfully lightened from the potentially lethal device that came with the Inspired by analog turntables the belt-drive system for CD players completely decouples the laser pickup from any vibration of the drive motor. There are certainly slight gains in outright transparency and resolution when used directly into our Gamut power amplifier, but also losses in terms of drive and authority.


The is equipped with analog and digital inputs. As a result, the readout of the CD is significantly higher, because it is not afflicted with electrical jitter. It plays a long game. In some quarters Burmester has gained an unfair reputation in the UK for being expensive German audio bling, due partly to their highly polished chrome fascias no doubt. The design aim is that decoupling the laser from the drive motor reduces jitter.

This burmeester surprising because they are fundamentally honest sounding loudspeakers, with an exceptionally open treble and possessed of excellent imagery.

Tonally, the is every inch a Burmester, delivering a smooth, slightly rich sound without sacrificing too much bite or attack. For several months this year I have been living with the CDanother belt-driven player, virtually indistinguishable in appearance from the but internally the 2 are very, burmested different.

Which seems like a lot to pay for a one-source system from one brand. I love the way this player really gets the message of the song across as she sings just behind the beat, almost as if to make the lyrical point that much more succinct. But few of those that I have heard achieve that delicate balance this well.

I confess to a lack of experience of their full systems, but a decent knowledge of three of their CD players. After the introduction of a conversation between piano and guitar the shimmering rivet cymbals and brushed snare provide a waterfall-like backwash against which the guitar pushes a simmering hint of a South American time signature and the piano plays what initially seems like a simple series of tonal droplets.

CD PlayersDigital Source. It creates a sense of musical structure and refinement that you will struggle to find from any digital player, regardless of price. This is why their top models even decouple the optical sleigh with a belt, not merely the platter.