Cakes and Ale has ratings and reviews. Bill said: Somerset Maugham’s Cakes and Ale (“Dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be. Cakes and Ale is both a wickedly satirical novel about contemporary heroines of twentieth-century literature, Maugham’s sardonic wit and William Somerset Maugham was born in and lived in Paris until he was ten. Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham”. See other formats. CAKES AND ALE OR THE SKELETON IN THE CUPBOARD W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM PRODUCED.

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I meant to go and see the Driffields im- mediately I had swallowed my tea and I was full of hope that the car- rier would have brought my box in time for me to put the new suit on. It is at this age, when he would be too old to be a clerk or a gardener or a police-court magistrate, that he is ripe to govern a country. I had read too many novels and had learnt too much at school not to know a good deal about love, but I thought it was a matter that dakes concerned young people.

Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham”

Mark Twain, American humorist, journalist, lecturer, and novelist who acquired international fame for…. Dri I love books about sluts. It is to his credit that I laughed rather than becoming annoyed in the high society of London. Too much has been written about beauty.

cakew Driffield Rosie Gann before she married? I tried and tried and at last came to the conclusion that I was abnormally stupid I am inclined now to think that I was exaggeratingbut even after my pride was sufficiently humbled for me to allow the gardener to hold me up I seemed at the end of the first morning no nearer to being able to get on by myself than at the beginning.

As a reader you want this to be irrelevant; after all, a gay painter may paint a ravishingly enticing portrait of someone of the opposite sex without being duplicitous or difficult.


Random Housepp. Ina pseudonymous novel called Gin and Bitters by A.

View all 14 comments. You will be impressed by his technical dexterity. I took my ticket and settled myself in the corner of a third-class carriage. At least, people both at the time and now are and were prepared to pretend that such an idea was deeply shocking.

Sometimes we went for sails together, some- times we went to some picturesque spot and Driffield painted a little water colour. I recognized the writerly types and they were fun to read about in this novel.

I thought he might like to make a rubbing himself. I had the impression that if there had been nobody there he would have put his tongue out at me. Afterward we all scoffed at her, and my uncle said to my aunt: I suddenly felt very shy again, but when I looked at Mrs. There must be an explanation; I did not believe what my eyes had seen.

He looked about him. Cakfs was half-way through September and my holidays were drawing to an end. You never caught them in their shirt sleeves with their feet on the table. I was pleasantly surprised to have such a reaction to a book. I was expecting something a little different and more funny. He could be counted on to reply for literature at a public dinner sojerset he was invariably on the reception committee formed soerset give a proper welcome to a literary celebrity from overseas.

On the cream-coloured walls were pleasant water col- ours by painters well known at the beginning of this century. He weakly accepts an invitation to sle on Sunday evening. Then the guard blew a cracked whistle and waved a red flag.

Cakes and Ale by W. Somerset Maugham

She was of very good family and it was strange that she wrote the books she did. Then I would notice that his face seemed suddenly to swell and he moved uneasily in his chair. But the hypocrites like Kear and the cold, calculating writers like Driffield and Ashenden require of their creator an equal understanding, and Maugham grants them at worst mere sarcasm and at best a prominent, well-lighted place in his Exhibition of Human Contradictions.


We drank the hock and smacked appreciative lips. Quotes from Cakes and Ale. It is a long and perplexing progression from that point to the snark and vitriol of the Narrator of the present, but somfrset book collapses the timeline. ape

From Cold Comfort Farm to Infinite Jest: ten novels with titles from Shakespeare

Maygham could not conceive that a man with a beard, who had sons as old as I, could have any feelings of that sort. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Rosie’s comment at one point, somerst yourself while you have the chance, I say; we shall all be dead in a hundred years and what will anything matter then?

I went out into the garden and wandered about aimlessly. Driffield gave me that peculiar look of hers, mischievous and yet friendly, and I blushed scarlet. Sep 30, Haaze rated it really liked it Shelves: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. His outstanding merit was not the realism that gave vigour to his work, nor the beauty that informed it, nor his graphic portraits of seafaring men, nor his poetic descriptions of salty marshes, of storm and calm and of nestling hamlets; it was his longevity.

I swayed from side to side, but he held me with a firm hand.

View all 9 comments. But I do think that, as Ted Driffield was born in the parish and is see- ing you almost every day, he might come to church occasionally.

Cakes and Ale

Let us face cales Driffield himself is a mere sketch: He was never dull. She used to take me to Sunday school. Sometimes he was extremely sarcastic and funny throwing literary barbs everywhere.

And it is difficult to try to align the narrative with the biography of Somerset Maugham.