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During winter she met one by the road, barefoot, with her pitchers on her head, holding the hand of her little brother or son. She began to write poetry that she kept jealously and until she met Philippe had not shown to atadras, not even to her father. Alina could not imagine that much. She only allowed her father to attend the entrance examinations. Those days they had spoken so much about the same things, they no longer had anything to say. Say the rosary in the pine forest like you did before, or envision God your own way.

Finally his relatives had written him back, and he was beginning to prepare all the papers. Slight pinpricks on the gray water. Eloy would not leave: Having arrived there, the teacher started to climb the hill slowly, leaving the town behind.

He took her to eat octopus, who ordered lots of wine. Ccarmen you think I am going to spend all my life putting up with your mysteries? Other great and flourishing countries would have them, without a doubt; but they would be the same. The broth of the octopus released by its bubbles an intense aroma that excited and overwhelmed the senses, like a blaze.

Eloy that afternoon missed work to come speak with Alina and said it was all the same to him, because he already planned on quitting.

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We atdauras played cards. Just let it out whatever it is. How could you not know? Indeed, almost all the old people of the village died at night, while they slept, and nobody heard them die, nor bothered to ask the reason. The rivers attracted her since she was little, even before ever having seen one.

What do you say? He answered him very dreary without coming any closer: The octopus man sprinkled oil and paprika. It got dark over Ourense. The octopus man started a cigarette, and without hurrying answered requests of the women who had been approaching and beginning to place orders, while, once in a while, he stirred the pot with his long iron hook.

So you will see how serious I am.

Well if that cheers madtin up. Alina, with the names she learned, went inventing stories, conveying colors and brilliance to all the little things. She told Eloy, the boy of the cattleman, about how wonderful the river was.

To the Institute building it gave a little sun on the windows until the end.

The door of the house lead to the highway, this one to a road that went cwrmen from town. He coughs a lot. Eloy went away to work at the nearby quarries, where they were removing stone to make the Sanatorium, and they started seeing each other less. He passed a glance along the undisturbed shelves. It seems that you resent me, that I bore to you. Everything they played seemed the same. The dog he had at his feet, depending from which angle you looked at him, looked like a skinny pig or a sheep.

But are you unhappy? Tell me, at least, when you arrived.

Las ataduras

This year we are going to have fun. The rest were small paths without order nor concert that linked the sections of crops and flowers. It has begun to rain on the river. She had cancer and nobody knew it.


And now I almost feel like going to mass Sunday. She looked for him in the orchard and through the house several times gakte afternoon, throughout the celebration that the teacher always had in the dining room, with many people. The whole strand of isolated villages alongside the road, spilled out lass messengers from very early on, who went meeting and greeting, down the road to the city, like flocks of talkative birds.

Some times she got together with other children, and they all sat to play on the walls, on the empty cars.

AP Spanish Literature: Las Ataduras

The men who were working looked very small, and Eloy watched with curiosity and attention, from up high, as if they had never been his companions. She had atzduras put her face very close to his. This article may contain excessive or inappropriate references to self-published sources. Then they walked along the streets and alleyways, singing until they were on the road out of town, and the friend said goodbye there.

They ataruras with everything, as was expected. She returned cheerful, looking forward to summer. You see, I just said you were going to dance the whole time. Also came sometimes, between the dust the pairs when dancing raised, other fresh bursts of scent of yaite and resin. You I am asking you please! Getting an early jump on the chores.