A critical path walkthrough including all relics and bosses in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (SotN, PlayStation, PS, PS1, PSX). Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, originally released in Japan as Castlevania: Nocturne in the Moonlight (悪魔城ドラキュラ X 月下の夜想曲,, Akumajō Dracula. Map Guide: Dark Blue: Area covered in shop item “Castle Map”; Light Blue: Area not covered in shop item “Castle Map”; Red: Save Room; Yellow: Warp Room.

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Life Up alert — Castle Entrance — Next to the cavern entrance by the locked wall. Life Up alert — Royal Chapel — Top of the left most bell cast,evania.

You know there’s a boss impending when you step into a non-CD loading room and there’s no music. A secret elevator will take you to a room with a weapon and an armor that prevents petrification. Simply club the shield rod on the Minotaur and it should go down despite charging you.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Walkthrough

If you don’t want to do that, don’t forget that your spells can be cast anywhere in the room, and Tetra Spirit will probably kill most enemies with one casting this early in the game. Your relic ‘Leap Stone’ lets you net a life up in a big pot past the Doppelganger’s room.

There castlevaina an elevator on the Outer Wall’s right side you want to activate.

From here on out, the game really starts. Defeat Dracula in the introductory sequence. Head back the other way and defeat the Scylla wyrm and then Scylla. Take a side trip to retrieve a few items with your mist and double jump powers in the Outer Wallincluding the Mirror cuirass which will be invaluable cwstlevania the Clock Tower.


Walkthrough – Castlevania: SotN – Guides

Obtain the Faerie Scroll. Once enough damage has been done to the body note the head doesn’t countthe boss dies and you get a small reward. In the inverted castle, some of the spots in the upside down caverns seemingly cannot be revealed on the map and with the water in the way, your bat form cannot take shape. Note Maria doesn’t bang the Rich-man that’s Annette’s job so move on you perverts.

The barrel will center on the wood bridge once it’s correctly tossed.

Climb to the Long Library. The fakes are actually zombies and quite dangerous. Until someone decidedly hacks theyou will not be able to get the screen seen below: Find the Leap Stone. A life-up is out in the open if you look for it underwater where the ferryman plies his trade. Inverted Castle – What’s Next Quest: Richter starts by casting his super version of Holy Cross every damn timeso go into mist form or time a Hellfire casting to disappear when castlevsnia damage radiates outwards.

Head into the clock tower this route since you can get more crap. In the event you screwed yourself, you can still do about castlevqnia note simalcrum was at level 40 with the Dark Blade weapon found after killing Doppelganger Don’t sottn another Ring of Arcana in castlevana small room guarded by the boss.


For now, take the Open Jewel and head back the way you came. Head through the hallway with the Armored Fleas and Dhurons and fight the ‘lesser demon’ boss.

Heart Up alert — Underground Cavern — Left of the vertical shaft with the spear guards and bone archers. A handy weapon option to have before you get the game breaking Crissaegrim. The way through castlevana Alchemical Labs is simple. The bosses here are from Castlevania III. It’s more effective than the fireball and covers a wide area.

Life Up alert — Inverted Catacomb — Past the boss’ room. So you can equip a shield and a sword combination and be able to use the shield to defend against projectiles.

Charge the boss and don’t let up. Near the room where you got the Katana. While going back down the chapel is a chore, it’s certainly better than losing all your progress up to this point. Frankenstein Monster This boss looks like a Konami reject from the later Contra games on the PS2 — I mean PSCraphowever, the rolling attack is quite speedy and can strike you castkevania if you’re not careful.

Shield Properties Some shields have inobvious properties when held to receive projectile attacks.