Tips for Using the PDF Manuals. All Comparex documentation is provided electronically in Adobe Portable Document. Format (PDF). To view PDF files, use . Hi, Anyone has any Manual on COMPAREX JCL? and its Options??. With SAM2GO, COMPAREX helps you achieve new levels of trans- information , from manual collection to using information available from reseller and.

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If you intend to view your UW Gmail in a browser then your email will not be effected by this issue. Research Computing Cloud computing for research Does your research belong in the cloud? B efore submitting a request, please review your old mail and delete messages and folders that you no compparex need.

Once you have changed email forwarding, new manaul messages will arrive in the new email service account inbox. Maybe, just maybe, if you or someone else spoke to the ex-vendor and grovel nicely Maybe a stupid question, but if your shop has “retired” the utility, then why would you want to know about its functionality.

Thu Jul 08, 7: After you have reviewed the notes above and have completed the required actions, please submit a request using this form. Surely if the license has expired then the product is no longer usable.



Obviously the posting of documentation on the forum is not allowed due to copy right protection. The reason being that the statements showing may or may not be affected by any other statements in that job stream.

Looking at the input, the output, and the control statements used, it should be possible to understand the control statements. It was a request job, it has been not runned for long time. Thu Jul 08, 3: Hello, Suggest you copy the first 10 records of the input srun the process for the limited amount of input, and look at the output s.

Learn more about bulk migration. Utility for search operation. Need help for CompareX utility parameters. Surely the documentation must be somewhere within the site either on CD or downloaded somewhere. If you need to migrate less than 10 accounts, please fill out 1 individual account migration request form for each account you wish to have migrated.

It may take up to 10 business days for the email copy to complete.


Comparex Supported Migration of UW Email

It will not copy to an external, personal email account e. You can continue to access historical messages in your old email service account while your data manal being copied.

Generate SQL query dynamically using See a problem on this page? Cpmparex Jul 08, 1: Empty folders are not migrated to the target email account. UW-IT has arranged for a third party consulting firm called Comparex to assist with email account migrations between the following UW email services:.

Utility to list Data Set Information. Engaging Comparex results in a seamless migration experience for users and local IT support staff. Given the situation, my advice would be to post the whole JCL and control statement stream and hope that someone else on the forum can help you.

Thu Jul 08,