The heroic exploits of “sysadmins” — systems administrators — as they defend the cyber-world, and hence the world at large, from worms and bioweapons. When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth [Cory Doctorow] on *FREE* The heroic exploits of sysadmins — systems administrators — as they defend the . When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth – Kindle edition by Cory Doctorow. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features.

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When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth (Overclocked #2) by Cory Doctorow

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Jun 02, Patrick rated it really liked it. This is the first story I’ve read by Doctorow and the another good thing is it is freely available from feedbooks. Or, frankly, which one I prefer. Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike cc by-nc-sa. En fin, l Es la primera obra que leo de Doctorow, como alguien que pasa el He appreciates how people would react during a terrorist attack, even at a distance, and he gets just how terrifying the prospect of bioterrorism is.

Because that’s what sysadmins do: However, he and the other sysadmins soon find themselves stuck at the office when a worldwide catastrophe strikes, a combination of bio- and cyberterrorism that wipes out thousands of human lives and crashes most of the civilized world.

“When Sysadmins Ruled The Earth” by Cory Doctorow: A “Rewired” Review – Mr. Rhapsodist

Apocalyptic fiction is a sub-genre of science fiction or, in some cases, the more general category speculative fiction that is concerned with the Lists with This Book. Refresh and try again.


Something is better than nothing. It is a short story originally located in the book Overclocked: Spend enough time isolated in there, and I bet you every sysadmin will start to daydream about how something catastrophic could happen outside and he wouldn’t even know.

Makes me want to learn to be a true geek instead of a half arsed one. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

And if you couldn’t restart the program or reboot the server remotely, driving as fast as possible to your work to try it on site in a noisome serverroom. I was on my way to bed when i saw this on HN, 45 minutes later. Ever notice that sysadmin characters keep popping up in sci-fi? Feb 28, Ashryn rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nice one, I liked it a lot! Even I know better.

We’ll share your contribution here on the blog. Part of the “Overclocked” short stories. Too short; it would have been interesting to explore the post-apocalyptic world more. Feb 05, Dann Syysadmins rated it it was ok.

I didn’t plan on reading it; 1 hour later Cory reminds us that. Dec 30, Johan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Quick and fun read.

When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth

Seems like it could happen tomorrow. Characterization was weak with mild bits seemingly tacked on to try to humanize them and promptly forget. This little story was completely awesome- details the fall of human kind and how an intellectual society might try to revive cultural humanity.

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The whole thing is like your parent trying to drop references to show how cool and hip they are with the kids these days. Trivia About When Sysadmins Ru His wife and unborn child are dead. This made my mind spin, not sure i’ll manage to sleep now: Oct 14, Eternalaeon rated it did not like it. They are also available on feedbooks. Read as part of the Wastelands collection of short stories. Apr 26, Gendou rated it really liked it Shelves: Published on 7 February by. Language French German Italian Spanish.

The basic premise of this story is that one day a virus hits that kills off most of the people in the world.

Like many science fiction plots, this one turns on apocalypse and its aftermath. I’ve often wondered what would happen to the internet if eadth like The Stand really happened. August 28, at 6: Nov 03, Remo rated it liked it Shelves: He could stay in the data center and weep over his losses. Aug 24, Richard Magahiz rated it it was ok Shelves: You are eartn using your WordPress. The heroic exploits of “sysadmins” — systems administrators — as they defend the cyber-world, and hence the world at large, from worms and bioweapons.