Documents Similar To Monster Manual – Creatures of Rokugan by Azamor. Oriental Planescape – D&D 2nd – Monstrous Compendium – Appendix 1. Documents Similar To Oriental Adventures – Creatures of Rokugan. Oriental d20 – Redhurst Academy of Magic – Student Handbook (OCR). Uploaded by. Creatures of Rokugan – Shape-shifting tricksters. Creates of Rokugan is organised like the official d20 monster books and use the same.

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Some other entries, like the Shadowlands madman template, or the lying darkness template, are very campaign specific, and may not work for everyone without significant rejigging of the background and possibly many fo the creature’s abilities as well.

Thursday, 6th May, The oni lords are described, but not statted, as they are said to be beyond the power of normal mortals to harm. Basically this is the strongest part of CoR and a whole 8 pages long Reviews of recently released products. Even while some of this stuff is useful, almost all of it does belong into the Rokugan setting book, or at least someplace else, not a creature collection.

There are three pages of the Oni lords ruling Jigoku basically Rokugani hellbut no stats for them at all But in all honesty, the 20 pages of monsters in the OA book do a far better job Rokugan delivered a level of production values, imagination, and rules implementation unseen by that point in third party D20 system publishers.

Not the best of bargains, at first glance, it seems. The front cover depicts a humanoid creature with horns and tusks wielding a sword a tsuno.

Are you ready to face the creatures of Rokugan?

Creatures of Rokugan

I, personally, despise regurgitated material within a single campaign setting. Product Reviews Asgard Issue 5 – Mar There are also Rokugan-specific prestige classes in rokugn appendix in the back, although they could be fairly easily transported into another setting.


A First Look Creatures of Rokugan is a perfect-bound softcover book. Finally, Creatures of Rokugan has a list of creatures by CR. A monster sourcebook for Oriental Adventures. But then again, AEG has produced some outstanding supplements for L5R so it might be worth its price. Oh, and then they waste another 2 pages on the OGL stuff No Web Eokugan Found. To answer that query we must turn our attention to the latest D20 book for L5R. There is some setting specific info here: More Information Edit History.

This page does not exist. This is primarily concerned with two elements: Criaturas de Rokugan – Spanish Edition. The introduction has a short v20 and a variety of new rules that apply to the creatures described herein.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Legend of the Five Rings 2nd Edition. Join Date Mar Posts You can edit rokuan page to create it. Given this, there is a great variety of creatures, but there are a few strong themes.

Ubume cannot be killed in combat; to deal with them, one must seek to resolve the reason for its mourning. Fans of Asian fantasy will love this book, which crreatures dozens of creatures familiar to players of the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game and role-playing game, updated to the Oriental Adventures rules. They must be exorcized, their killer destroyed or brought to justice, or be convinced that their quest for vengeance is misguided. These are only a few of the creatures that stalk the Jade Empire.

Creatures of Rokugan expands upon the creatures available in the L5R setting from those defined in the Oriental Adventures book. This book is designed to work either as a supplement for Rokugan, crdatures d20 Companion for Legend of the Five Rings, or v20 a sourcebook of exciting new monsters for any d20 campaign. Creatures of Rokugan introduces over new creatures and 7 templates.

Unlike most undead in this book or most others d20 system books, for that mattershiryo are not evil.


Creatures of Rokugan | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Yet, in one of the few deviations from the guidelines, it has the wrong hit dice creaturee for a fey. Added are some huge beastiessome unique, many very rare, with exceedingly high CRs.

Naga come in five varieties, asp, chameleon cobra, constrictor, and greensnake. As a silver lining, some just some The ghost appears as a swarm of eyes, and it is an extremely nasty little creature. Creatures of Rokugan is a great resource for Legend of the Creahures Rings fans or Dungeons and Dragons players rokufan for something rokkugan and unexpected.

The illustrations are mostly pencil drawings, and most of the creatures described ov are provided with an illustration. Join Date Apr Posts 2, The creature descriptions are not arranged one per page, but rather are arranged for maximum density similar to WotC’s Monster Manual.

Sure, some of his work isn’t as good as other pieces, but overall, the consistent quality and style really helps, when books by companies like White Wolf and Wizards of the Coast for example, both delight and at the same time frustrate by their widely varying styles and quality of their art.

Enumerating all of these creatures would be beyond the scope of this review, but it may be worth my while to touch on a few: Oni and elemental Terrors.

Cristina McAllister Jim Pavelec. The section on jade and crystal weapons introduces a rokuga variant of the damage resistance rule that is used in the book.