Answer: The Dake Bible was first published in and is the result of the work of a man named Finnis Jennings Dake (), a Pentecostal minister. Publisher of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible, God’s Plan for Man, Revelation Expounded, Bible Truths Unmasked, Other material authored by Finis J. Dake. Items 1 – 9 of 9 dake reference bible. KJV Dake Annotated Reference Bible, Large Print, Bonded leather, Black NKJV Dake Bible Imitation Leather Burgundy.

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The Athanasian Creed c.

Dake Publishing, inc. | Dake Bible | Dake Study Bible

Click here to go to our store. He offers several lines of faulty reasoning to support his view.

According to Dake, justification, the initial act of God by which He declares a believing sinner righteous, is maintained by obeying certain conditions and by not sinning: Look of the downloaded Bible. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What is the Dake Bible?

Take a look at our Bookshelf. He argues that the Bible was written in simple human language and should be interpreted at face value: The incarnation, therefore, did not require Jesus to give up His divine nature or attributes.


If obeyed, they will bring rich rewards here and forever; if disobeyed they will bring condemnation and eternal punishment. There is also a comple God will defeat sickness and disease in the future. Dake first preached in and was ordained by the Assemblies of God denomination two years later at the age of His works, while containing many biblical truths, include numerous other unbiblical and outlandish teachings, such as: Along with Dake’s annotated Bible, his other writings have caused controversy amongst theologians.

Finis Jennings Dake

This page was last updated: And, like Web sites, it can be difficult to sort through the glut fakes material to find a truly great study Bible – one that you’ll want to return to again and again!

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Dake’ s Annotated Study Bible rebound. Dake argues, however, that Jesus did not possess His divine attributes while on earth. Just because we have a physical body does not mean that God has one too. His attention to the biblical text results in many correct observations and interpretations; however, his overly simplistic, hyperliteral approach results in many incorrect interpretations as well as unorthodox and problematic doctrines in his theology.

Thousands of passages are amplified. To visit the Kindle store click here. These views have been rejected by the majority of the church throughout history.


Dake Bible – Home

Kregel,— The Dake Annotated Reference Bible. Obscure readings are made clear.

Views Read Edit View dakex. Dake asserts that the Bible plainly speaks of God as having a face, hands, eyes, arms, legs, and other body parts just like any other person.

It is similar to the question of whether God can lie: Trinitarians, moreover, have not understood being to mean the same thing as personas Dake argues, otherwise the Trinity would be three infinite, perfect beings. And just because God made male and female does not mean he is male and female. In other words, the body that came out of the grave was the same one that dzkes in.

On the other hand, he flatly denies that grace alone is sufficient for salvation: The pages are even free of any line creases To visit the Apple store click here.