For hucksters, poker is a way of life. It’s not just a means of making a living ( although it can be mighty useful that way, too). No, it’s their gateway to the Hunting. Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes – For hucksters, poker is a way of life. It’s not just a means of making a living (although it can be mighty. Hucksters and Hexes – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Dedicated To: Joyce, who is all the magic | need, Deadlands created by.

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Anyone who makes a Notice roll can see the attacks being deflected with a slight rippling in the air. This hex causes the victim to suffer from short term mental illness depending on the amount of Power Points spent: This bonus does not stack with disguise kits or other appearance altering powers. Mechanics same as the Armor Power.

If you are going to play a huckster, you should read pages of the Deadlands Player’s Guide. This spell can impersonate other faces, but only it the huckster has seen then person or has a photograph ready.

Concentration Flypaper Fingers Wall Walker: This hex creates an illusionary double of the caster. Deaflands are only listed when different to the normal ability.


Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Novice Power, Power Points 0 Range: Coffin Varnish is slang for bad coffee bad that is sort of what this trick makes. Hexslinging roll to resist. Creates an near invisible, magical shield that protects target. Within the fogs effect, vision if Obscured as per the Power and muffles sound and smell as well -2 to Notice rolls.

The target must be heexes range of the hex to be cast upon them, but after that the range is unlimited for the duration of it.

Huckster Hexes | Deadlands Reloaded: The Weird West | Obsidian Portal

Novice Power; Power Points: Find out what you dadlands do. With a Raise, the hexslinger learns something of supernatural of the arcane source. Seasoned Power, Power Points: This hex allows the caster to alter their appearance to appear as just about anybody.

In essence they are a combination of Speaker, Adept and Explorer.

While the does allow for change of sex, drastic alterations in size and features are not possible. Click here to edit contents of this page. This turns an ordinary playing card into a card bearing a design or message from the huckster.

Huckster hurls a playing card that explodes into a ball of green energy. With a standard success, the hex yields about a yard radius.

Additionally, if the subject is targeted with a blinding or Fear Effect, the huckster is also affected. The huckster cannot stop this hex heses but can control how long the effect lasts before hand as is subject to its effects as well.


Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes

It’s like having a rewind button for your campaign. The caster and target make opposed Hexslinging vs.

This hex works as per the Speed Power. Hucksters are those that have mastered magic and picture it as a type of game, usually poker. Works as per the Trinkets Power Truthsayer: Erases memories for the target will an opposed Hexslinger vs. The caster to get a mental map of the surrounding territory features such as hills, valleys, watercourses, etc.

Furthermore, unless the huckster gets a Raise the attacker takes another 2 points of damage over what was dealt. How to join this site? The Target must make a Guts roll with a -2 -4 with a Raise. With a standard success, attackers subtract 4 from any ranged attack. Caster can see the arcane, hucksterd, and even mad science with the hex. Two of a Kind: The subject can be human or animal but not abominations.