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System type, 2-way. Enclosure type, Bass-reflex. Frequency response ± 3dB, 60 – Hz. Nominal impedance, 8 Ohm. Amplifier Requirements, 25 – W. Find great deals for Pair B&W Bowers & Wilkins Dm S3 Bookshelf Speakers. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Pair of B&W Dm S3 Bookshelf Speakers. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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IMHO, the big weakness of the s is the lack of transparency and ‘air’, unfortunate in this case!

The low-pass filter was changed to second order Bessel, tuned at about 2 KHz. The sound is just clearer and more defined.

B&W DM601 S3

Reducing the unwanted midwoofer’s response above the crossover point decreases significantly the mess at about 10KHz. My first step, of course, was to perform a detailed tests of both drivers. They are quite large speakers and have impressive bass for bookshelf speakers; in my opinion, you definitely don’t need a subwoofer to complement them.


I would guess however they might suit you more for your taste in music. I only chose not to get them as i was in a small flat and simply didnt have the room for sm601 The most important, of course, is how the improved crossover sounds like.

B&W Bowers and Wilkins DM S3 speakers | Full-Range | Audiogon

Monitor Audio BR2 Regards. Post 8 of I tossed in the CC6 center and had an amazing home theater system back in the days like 3 years ago?

Which, probably going against the majority. I think the Diamond 9.

Many thanks for the quick reply. Since the DM S3s have front bass reflex ports, im not going to get that enhancement. It will be changed sometime later on but the first priority will be the speakers.

B&W DM S3 or other suggestions | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Aug 19, at BlueWizardAug 18, At the moment, I achieve near sub woofer levels with my speakers. Dec 16, at 2: Aug 21, at Aug 18, at 8: Post 2 of Dont forget to budget for some stands aswell to get the best out of them.

All the above vm601 the cost of four components and one hour of work Bookshelf speakers upgrade – DM S3 any good? There are cm601 on Ebay though if you did want to just take the plunge.


Bookshelf speakers upgrade – DM601 S3 any good?

However, playing my source, ie iPod through line out onto my fathers system yields much higher quality. They aren’t even sold online, are they?

Here is the schematics of the crossover. The tweeter unit has an excellent off axis frequency response.

I just got my pair of dm s3 replacing my psb image 2b an hour ago. In the factory crossover we can see, that there is an insufficient decay at the main tweeter’s resonance of 2 KHz. A friend asked me for an advice about bookshelf loudspeaker cm601 at affordable price, with a natural tonality and good overall sound balance. The s are really big bookshelf speakers.