In Dogeaters, Jessica Hagedorn has transformed her best-selling novel about the Philippines during the Marcos reign into an equally powerful theatrical piece. Complete summary of Jessica Hagedorn’s Dogeaters. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Dogeaters. Born and raised in the Philippines, poet and playwright Hagedorn sets her first novel in the volatile political climate of that country’s recent past. Although in.

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Moving to San Francisco inHagedorn received her education at the American Conservatory Theater training program.

Joyce organized Ulysses around Bloom’s precise Dublin wanderings on one summer’s day. Flood brings us his uncanny ear for all that people say and leave unsaid, his abiding patience with our stubborn race, his prophet’s insight into the coming media circus that will exploit all human disaster for one minute’s spectacular footage.

I want to say good things about such experimental fiction, its brashness, its descriptive energy, its deft portrait of Filipino life under Yankee cultural domination. I’m not a hardcore Nationalist or anything like that; I’m not one of b who scream “Proud to be Filipino!

Around her swirls political turmoil of various kinds: Hagedorn hasn’t so much captured on the page a country, its people and cultures at a specific moment in history, but she has tapped into the pulse and breath. I feel like I learned a lot. Want to Read saving….

Dogeaters is a novel written by Jessica Hagedorn and published in Pucha also exhibits this mindset for women. I’ll admit freely that I could have read the book more closely, that much of Hagedorn’s political project in this novel may have gone undetected or misunderstood by me.


All the rich men have mistresses, of course, or boys while the poor folk try to grab whatever trickles down their way. Dogeaters has it all! The connections between the characters are complex and the political dynamic of the Philippines is inundated with deception, controversy, scandal, and intrigue. The novel shows us the brutality of the regime by not showing us the dictatorship directly for the most partand I think this made it more powerful.

She later becomes a refugee in the mountains.

Review: Dogeaters by Jessica Hagedorn

In every society—ruled by tyrants or popularly elected leaders—there is often a corporate elite whose corruption and mean-spiritedness defy all justification for their influence, including the privilege of wealth. All these folks, rich or poor, are fast-living, fast talking wheeler-dealers.

But then everything shifts away from Rio’s curiosity.

Identity comes from trashy Hollywood and Manila movies, soap opera is life. Meanwhile, the collapse of a cultural center during construction for the film festival kills many Filipino workers. Inmy hometown found itself flooded overnight.


It comprises a series dogesters vignettes or short stories rather than a sustained storyline, with a large cast of characters from the richest to the poorest and most humble.

We all think it cannot happen here. In the post-colonial era some countries adopted Yagedorn institutions to benefit themselves, while others took only the outward forms of the West and used them in corrupt ways. A violent dissection of what it means to be Filipino, the power of gossip, and the dark humor of a nation full of sexual violence unfolds in Dogeatersand the world of Manila is one impossible to forget.


She lives in New York with her husband and two daughters, and continues to be a poet, storyteller, musician, playwright, and multimedia performance artist. But some of the book’s characters are not religious at all.

Dogeaters – Wikipedia

Sionil did with his Gagamba: The demi-monde leers around every corner. Spontaneous, decentered, and multivocal, gossip is antithetical to developmental narrative. Didn’t enjoy it, and I don’t want to waste another moment. The plot got very engrossing and I found various things moving.

In A Storm’s Wake, Two Books Help Make Sense Of What Remains

Jun 15, Steve rated it liked it. This novel, published incame out of that era. These books approach the subject from two very different angles — one from midcentury Philippines, the other from an American town soon to be consumed by a flood — but both offer glimpses past the headlines to the human costs that often get lost behind them.