I Am a Strange Loop has ratings and reviews. BlackOxford said: Strangely WrongI must suggest something blasphemously arrogant: Douglas Hofsta. “I Am a Strange Loop is vintage Hofstadter: earnest, deep, overflowing with ideas, cognitive scientist and polymath Douglas Hofstadter has returned to his. Scott O’Reilly loops the loop with Douglas Hofstadter.

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This book, on consciousness and what makes hoftadter human an “I,” is methodical and exuberant, technical and personal. Thanks for alerting me to its publication.

Take for example the work of Terrence Deacon, e. Most likely they will not. Sure, I can’t prove it, but I’m glad for that, because maybe we were never meant to. I Am A Strange Loop. It ought to be a good ride.

He gives us another hypothetical case to reinforce this theory. How Mind Emerges from Matter. H should know better than to publish ideas that are half a century out of date.

This book unfolds in layers of concepts and insight. But for me, it hofstaster just a page to get through before we go back to the fun philosophy.

We are not born with an “I” — the ego emerges only gradually as experience shapes our dense web of active symbols into a tapestry rich and complex enough to begin twisting back upon itself. The boundaries of our souls are indeed beyond all measure. What was already to me a shaky book collapses completely in the final few chapters, when Hofstadter devotes a significant portion of his efforts to refuting only tangentially related philosophical claims.

One author I recently spent time studying through the Not School philosophy of mind group is Douglas Hofstadterwho I’m here going to call “Doug” so I don’t hofstarter to type and potentially misspell “Hofstadter” 30 times.

You can take it as a general rule that when someone puts a stake in the ground and says “this is where humans are different from animals,” that in short order a bunch animals will be found that infringe upon that boundary. So the difference between the video-feedback loop and our strange loops, our “I”s, is that while the former converts light to the same pattern on a screen, the latter categorizes a pattern and outputs its essence, so that as we get closer and closer to our ,oop, we get further down our strange loop.


An Eternal Golden Braid and more focused on the “scientific” side of things without all the wonderful digressions you have to read GEB to understand. The book’s method and organization lead the hoffstadter to understand and perhaps accept this huge concept in a way that I again found very frustrating — often indirect, full of special vocabulary and game-playing, highly personal, idiosyncratic, dtrange and evasive, and I would say self-indulgent.

I Am a Strange Loop

I suspect that Mr. Instead of telling us that he had many of the foregoing thoughts prior to his wife’s death, he should have said “Go on, try to poke a hole in this argument if you think I’m crazy. Examples of strange loops that Hofstadter offers include: Paradoxes Auditory illusions Optical illusions. Unsourced material may be challenged souglas removed. Lots of things intruded on my time and it can be finished far more quickly than my dates would imply. The brain is such a system, but it has so many properties so utterly divergent from formal systems that the analogy is not very instructive.

It is frustrating for an author who has been delving into abstraction for pages to suddenly attack others for their abstractions.

If you’re teleported, your body at its original position being destroyed and then reconstituted at another location, with all the physical and memory details intact, most of us have the intuition that this describes the same person being moved. The key difference being that by his own definition the Self is a self-reflexive symbol but my symbol of someone else—no matter how detailed it is, no matter how intimate we were—does not provide feedback to itself.

Lpop I were to die and she were to recall my thoughts and feelings hofstader 19th century novels she would, in a sense, be re-processing my consciousness, as if uploading it like a program though Hostetter’s metaphors are at times less mechanical or technological than this, he seems very comfortable moving between physical and metaphysical tropes for cognition.


I would have loved to be your mom because you were obviously the kind of kid you could leave in a house alone for dayslike a cat, and come back to find you sitting in the exact same spot you left them staring fixedly at his own hands. True, I could of course think something like “I’m a great tennis player,” and so thinking that would be part of my self-symbol even while I actually suck at tennis, but something like Sartre’s concern about playing at being a waiter becomes not so pressing.

I Am a Strange Loop by Douglas R. Hofstadter

Like the swirling feedback or the Fibonacci series, we don’t know how it starts, but once started it is self sustaining and permanent – as long as the physical brain continues to work normally. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Efron’s dice are four dice that are intransitive under gambler’s preference.

Certainly my sympathy with and compassion for a suffering animal doesn’t mean I have a developed symbol for that particular animal. Hofstader wrote this book under the long shadow of the death of his wife from a brain tumor at age This book hofstadtter in fact an entire logicia I have an interesting perspective on this title because the book I read just before it was The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, a book grounded in Zen Buddhist philosophy.

He starts out sounding non-deterministic but in the end came out pro-deterministic. Ultimately, my first complaint keeps wringing true–the whole premise is flawed.