Draaisma, D. [Metaforenmachine een geschiedenis van het geheugen. English]. Metaphors of memory: a history of ideas about the mind / Douwe Draaisma. A finely illustrated ‘history of ideas about the mind’ this certainly is, though more a book concerned with the metaphors, than with the essence, of human memory. Douwe Draaisma, Metaphors of Memory: a history of ideas about the mind. pp. Cambridge University Press. 0 0. Review by John Sutton.

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Carus wrote in his first letter on landscape that even if science has dissected a plant fibre by fibre, cell by cell, that knowledge will still not be sufficient to make a single leaf. I don’t think I could have managed to concentrate oof in any other circumstances. Find it on Scholar.

Metaphors of Memory : A History of Ideas about the Mind

Towards a Metaphorical Biology. Did draaaisma know that Robert Hooke had his own theory of memory? Even the social structure which Hull imposed on his own research group seemed to be inspired by the representation of a hierarchical machine. Paton – – Biology and Philosophy 7 3: It would have made writing that book easier if I had read this book earlier.

It made me think about how memory has been drawn out from the soul into the physical world. Because of that, the use of metaphor to guide thought and research is important, more so than in processes which are more directly accessible to empirical analysis. Anna rated it really liked it Jul 26, This was written in ; “Each element [of the memody system] – speaking figuratively – may be considered as a minute area intersected by an indefinite number of curves of different directions and orders.


Who’d think of the mind as a hologram where, by making inferences, just a small part can be enough to reconstruct the whole, when holograms hadn’t been conceived of. George Mandler Limited preview – Douwe Draaisma is professor of the history of psychology at the University of Groningen and author of several best-selling books on topics relating to memory.

BUT – its would be so fucking interesting to hear if there were common elements or interesting stories or anything at all about how oral cultures talked about memory. Or, who or what is interacting with the stuff in the neural net, making it a ‘memory’?

Metaphors of Memory: A History of Ideas about the Mind – Douwe Draaisma – Google Books

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Plus oral cultures tend to not be massively introspective or object-analytical in ways that make it easy to talk about metaphor. The volume wil be of particular interest to students and instructors of cognitive psychology and history of psychology looking for readable supplements.

Talking About Assisted Reproduction in Latvia. Also, he did calculations to work out, literally, how many ‘ideas’ an average human would have over a lifetime, and how many they would need to store, the first mathematical analysis of the data-bearing load on the human mind I think. Draaisma breaks into one of his rare bursts of poetics in the computer age, describing, better than I could the differences highlighted drzaisma the advance of technology; “. The memory that she gave me has a subjective, personal access, a secret door from inside.

Metaphors of Memory: A History of Ideas about the Mind

At the top was a select group of theoreticians ‘postulate makers’. Dec 29, Douglas Summers-Stay rated it really liked it Shelves: The lowest level was that of the ‘experimenters’, mainly graduate students who subjected the hypotheses to empirical testing. Without memory we lose our sense of identity, reasoning, even our ability to metapjors simple physical tasks.


Shijiezhuo rated it it was amazing Feb 23, A History of Modern Experimental Psychology: Odours, emotions, movements, sounds, perceptions: From that point on, the ‘soul’ or the point of no analysis, the unobservable point, in some ways og retreating deeper and deeper, becoming more and more ethereal, but never quite disappearing.

The Myriad Functions and Metaphors of Memory. Megaparagraph is a surprisingly pleasing word to write and speak. Metaphors, Models, and Mathematics in the Science mwtaphors Behavior. Imagine if our memories could be copied, erased, and modified as easily as computer “memory.

KEEPER OF THE SNAILS: METAPHORS OF MEMORY by Douwe Draaisma: a brief review and summary.

May 29, Patrick Stuart rated it it was amazing. Biscuits rated it liked it Jan 13, A mirror with a memory; 6. Accessible and thought-provoking, this book should be read by anyone who is interested in memory and the mind. Selected pages Title Page. One to two hours per chapter, which is a very slow reading time for me. In a psychological theories they referred to hypothetical processes in memory, and in AI theories to mechanisms and structures for information storage in computers.

This is a wonderful book which stretched my bruised capacity for attention and understanding. Extensively referenced and illustrated, impeccably rendered from Dutch to English and fully indexed, this work transcends what could be the narrow discipline of the history of psychology