Let’s consider how this goes in his article “Misrepresentation,” which Dretske takes the notion of meaningn to be a plausible starting point for. Frederick Irwin “Fred” Dretske was an American philosopher noted for his contributions to . carry information. This is how misrepresentation enters the world. Dretske – Misrepresentation. Uploaded by nmoverley. Philosophy Dretske Misrepresentation Writing. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF, TXT.

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The term has to do with copular predicate logic as the core of language “A is B [yet A is not numerically identical to B]”.

I discuss and defend this principle of proportionate causality in Aquinas.

Fred Dretske – Wikipedia

You misrepreesentation also recall that I have suggested that what makes this problem so difficult for the materialist is the very conception of matter that he has inherited from early modern thinkers like Galileo, Descartes, Hobbes, and Boyle, who abolished final causality or immanent teleology from their conception of the natural world.

I agree, but the problem is that we need to know how a materialist like Dretske can account for this, consistent with the conception of matter we have seen he is committed to, on which there are no inherent ends or purposes in nature. In any event, C. Codge In perhaps returning the info misreepresentation, I just found these fantastic podcasts – the most enlightening philosophy I have ever heard.

The following essays are also helpful: Feser to give these free lessons; for surely some people pay good money to receive these lessons, and others expect good money to give them. Is it wrong to lie to a dog?


We have had occasion to address the problem of intentionality in recent posts on Daniel Stoljar and Jerry Fodor. But how can a materialist justify even that modest claim? Judgment is just the primary act of the intellect to say that “X is y”. I am anxious to read it all. I think it is problematic to dretsks how AT accounts for misrepresentation since “misrepresentation” presupposes a representationalist theory of mind TOMand AT’s TOM is not representationalist.

Dretske had become convinced that information theory was required misrepresnetation make sense of knowledge and also belief.

Fred Dretske

Views Read Edit View history. I forgot all the semiotics, but I recall it was important in explaining animal talk On the fishbowl, I think it is miserpresentation on us to respect the subjective experience of animals. He’s the farthest thing from a lightweight or ideologue in ethology. At the end of the day, if you conversed with Eric, you’d know you are talking with a parrot, and not with a human.

Suppose now that we have a creature capable, through conditioning, of continually adding to the number of properties of the tree to which it is sensitive. The difference is that while words, pictures, and material representations in general lack any inherent intentionality or meaning of their own — they have intentionality only insofar as we impart it to them — thoughts have it intrinsically.

Indeed, it is often the case that entis rationis cause as much grief in human cognition as they provide for essential human ‘superiority’, so to speak. Marius Usher – – Mind and Language 16 3: Hence, bringing up Hume is a fallacy of equivocation, since Hume didn’t think humans made “judgments” in the Scholastic sense.


A dog barking at a dog on a TV is not making a judgment, it is evincing a response. Now the function of this mechanism may be to allow the bacteria, who thrive only in oxygen-free environments, to avoid oxygen-rich surface water. The 27th Comrade August 17, at 2: Once you leave the room, Eric goes back to his unstimulated muteness.

Misrepresenting Dretske

Oh, and I of course believe the supernatural virtue of dregske makes him generous with his wisdom. I also write on politics, from a conservative point of view; and on religion, from a traditional Roman Catholic perspective.

I always enjoy your open-mindedness and your depth of understanding current fields of study.

Ed How does the A-T notions of final causality better account for misrepresentation than Dretske’s? Behavioral adaptation is not what intellectual judgment is about, otherwise we could be conditioned to conceive of a triangle as a four-sided ball of jealous yarn.

Dretske seems to think a high enough aggregate of secondary, stimulus-response competencies would suffice to guide detske survival, mistepresentation this doesn’t get us to the properly biosemiotic level of “sign” as as I think Peirce meant it. Also entailed by a knowledge claim are irrelevant alternatives.

Richard Gray – – Philosophical Psychology 14 3: