Drillco has a complete range of HSS, Cobalt, and Solid Carbide drills to meet Drillco offers a variety of threading products designed for both hand-held and. For over 60 years, the DRILCO brand has been synonymous with excellence and innovation in tubular products and services. From the invention of. Hevi-Wate*. DRILLCO at Travers Tool Co., Inc. DRILLCO High Speed Steel Screw Machine Length Drill 1/16″-1/2″x 64ths N29 . Request Your FREE Catalog!.

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Their excellent abrasion-resistant qualities make them advantageous for use in drilling abrasive materials such as cast iron, non-ferrous alloys, high silicon aluminum, hard rubber, and plexiglas.

A Drillco cutter can do the same job in 35 seconds. Product standardsEd.

The Interrupted Thread Pipe Taps have every other thread removed except for the first few at the point. Sometimes referred to as Gun Taps, spiral point taps shoot the chips ahead of the tap. Whether you work in cataloh or stainless steels or anything in between, More information. Designed specifically for aligning and positioning. Nitro Taps Brochure The addition cataoog a chip breaker will reduce sliver size and improve operator control at a slightly reduced surface finish.

2013 Drillco Catalog

Ideal for aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. This is a suitable drill for the construction industry. Fast spiral flutes provide new efficiency in chip removal. Whether you work in composites or stainless steels or anything in between. Drill Bit Sharpening Attachment. The advantage is its self-centering ability which allows the chisel to cut and enables the drill to cut closer to actual drill diameter. Payment TermsNet 30 days.


A die holder or handle is needed for proper operation of round split adjustable dies. Black Oxide – This treatment is applied to finished tools and produces a thin black iron oxide surface coating.

Drillco 1364 13/64″ COBALT JOBBER BIT (M42) SPLIT POINT 135 DEGREE 12/PK

Since its inception, the split point has gained widespread use and is applied to both and included point angles. This reduce loading and clogging in the flutes. Turning hole technology into productivity. However, for most efficient operations, the grinder should be specified with consideration given to diameter of the burs that will be used.

The round split adjustable die may be adjusted through the cataloog on the holder. They are used to ream holes into which standard taper pins will fit. Recommended for abrasive ferrous ap-plications.

Body and clearance are black and gold surface treated for maximum lubricity. With over 40 years of experience in our industry, we have developed the More information. Prices and discountsare subject to change without notice.


#4 Spiral Flute Taper Pin Reamer, /16 – E by Drillco | Flexible Industrial Supply

Training Module – Milling With so many different lengths, styles, of flutes, different coatings, different substrates, how do you choose the right end mill? The surface treatment prevents chip welding, improves chip flow and increases abrasion resistance. Body and clearance are gold and black surface treated for maximum lubricity. Feeds – Feed rates for drilling are determined by the drill diameter, machinability of materials and depth of the desired hole.

The multi-flute end mill has ample chip carrying capacity, and at the same time the finish is usually fine enough that a second finishing cut is unnecessary.

NITRO products provide higher productivity levels, saving you money! Commonly used on bridgework, ship construction and structural steel fabrication where extreme accuracy of diameter is important. Ball-Nose end mills have rounded end cutting edges.

Recommended in iron and steel drilling applications. MB35Powerful new light weight motor unit. The drilling of such holes generally requires the use of an Extra Length Drill.