Buy Rebel Heart (Dustlands) 1 by Moira Young (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Rebel Heart (Dustlands, book 2) by Moira Young – book cover, description, publication history. The 2nd novel in the Dust Lands trilogy, this book begins in the perspective of Jack. He is heading to a tavern called The Lost Cause to inform.

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She is flawed and real, no matter how frustrated she made me. Even the excruciating dialect and lack of punctuation bothered me, when I barely noticed it last time, so engrossed was I in the story. Saba was a little whiny and far from the warrior princess I had come heeart love.

What happened to Lugh in the hands of the Tonton that made him such a prick to Saba? For a moment, I thought about giving Rebel Heart a 4.

Everything that I liked about characters and storyline in Blood Red Road was missing in sequel. So intriguing ang deviously brilliant.

Rebel Heart

The plot is slow and it took me a good pages to get into it. She then hands a heartstone necklace to Saba and tells her Jack is a Tonton now. DeMalo is the perfect background villain. Random, but I really want to go to Austria on a Sound of Music lovers tour. But the heat for Lugh’s freedom has unleashed a new power in the dust lands, and a formidable new enemy is on the rise.

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Reminds me of what I loved about the movie The Beastmaster when I was a kid. As soon as DeMalo showed up and wasn’t acting like himself, little warning bells starting ringing in my ears. Keep in mind that Saba hasn’t ever really had human interaction up until she went searching for Lugh, so the fact that these two very interesting men are drawn to her wild uncaged spirit is of course intoxicating to her, and that’s why I believe she does the things she does.


He lets her, but not before telling her they are a fever in each others blood now and he knows she will come back of her own free will. She also tells her not to stop on the Wraithway. It was highly interesting and entertaining.

TheSpoilerAlert: Rebel Heart (Dust Lands 2) by Moira Young plot summary

It turns out to be DeMalo. It certainly ticked all my boxes: Again, one of the best tebel in BRR. What if you suspected that Lugh’s safe haven would not remain that way forever?

Saba asks Jack to stay with her until the dawn and he does I’m sure you can all guess rsbel happens here. Lists with This Book. Those are the last three words of this book, but they sum up the whole of this novel beautifully.

Lugh’s got a serious chip on his shoulder throughout this book, and there were times when I wanted to grab him by the collar of his shirt and give him a few good shakes. Saba’s hallucinations are getting worse and she begins to see and hear Epona, along with Tracker and the girls she fought in the cage fight matches.


To be fair, there was some thoughtful subtlety of relationship plot in this that I appreciated. The last of the book, other than a creppy spoilery scene mentioned below, was by far my favorite.

Rebel Heart: Dust Lands, Book 2

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Yes, there were characters I wanted to shoot down and plot threads I wanted to burn. The boy, Eli, comes up to them and tells them he’s taking Hermes in rrebel name of the Pathfinder. She deserves the world, not people calling her selfish.

Moon Chosen by P. We’re talking about the heart and love. In this sequel, the characters we have come to know are back, but they aren’t quite the same. Saba finds guns in the wagon’s secret dustlandd and realizes the merchant and the man tied to the tree are part of a resistance against the Pathfinder and Tonton.

Then we don’t see anything indicating she’s in great danger in that way for the rest of the book. She sees that a pack of wolfdogs is chasing the deer and they catch her scent and start for her.

Some rough language fits the rough grammar of the book.