Questions covered by the EAWS Common Core pqs. The Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist (EAWS) program was established in . Heat related injuries, these types of injuries are very common in the demanding Aviation distinguishes it as the centerpiece of this core capability. This is an EAWS Core PQS website specifically designed to allow you to study at The first phase includes force-wide common core requirements that work.

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Need help understanding some of the material?

Naval Aviation Heritage and Doctrine You can also email AME1 Johnson at maxwell. Redundant topics, that are covered by other basic Navy requirements, such as certain aspects of fire-fighting, have been removed”, said DeLozier. The second phase covers departmental qualifications.

EAWS common core

It was designed to aid instructors and students alike. Specifically Type 2 Duty is defined as ‘Sea Duty’: The Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist wings are issued to enlisted personnel who acquired the specific professional skills, knowledge, and military experience that resulted in unique qualification for service in the aviation activities of the Navy.

Enlisted Warfare Specialists Updates! You must qualify in the warfare specialty of your platform within 18 months to be recommended for the advancement cycle to paygrade Exws.

Find a dead link on this website? The amount of time it will take to complete will vary depending on the in-rate qualifications the Sailor needs to achieve, as assigned by the divisional chief and leading petty officer, with concurrence by the command master chief CMC and maintenance master chief.


Other Ships and Submarines Administration, training, and testing was carried out at the command level, and standards were kept high to maintain the integrity of the program. DeLozier detailed exceptions when he said, “The only time you would have to re-qualify is if there were a different system the new squadron has and you would only have to show expertise in that one section. Just email me your question, comment, or suggestion, and I will answer your email as soon as I receive it.

The fourth and final phase is the examination and qualification board review, which is completed in the last two months. Also included are U. All personnel already qualified who report from shore duty to an eligible Type ocre or 4 command, must re-qualify within 12 months of reporting or their advancement recommendation will be withdrawn.

General qualifications to receive a warfare specialist designation are as follows: Just click on the section of the PQS that you would like to review. These websites can be used to order EAWS patches online.

Eawa of Command They include requirements for any waivers, administrative procedures, disqualification guidelines, requalification requirements, and any related PQS requirements. This site has been online since Novemberand has been updated continually.

Duty performed in commissioned vessels and deployable squadrons homeported overseas. The instruction for each warfare specialty gives specific qualifications.

King’s Core EAWS Tutorial

Phase three, estimated to last around nine months, consists of a walk-through portion that is intended to get Sailors looking at and touching the subjects they are studying. Duty performed in commissioned vessels and deployable squadron’s homeported in the United States, including Hawaii and Anchorage, AK. Click here to link directly to the message board. Individual qualification requirements could only be approved by commmon who had themselves previously qualified.


Eaws Common Core

Go to “Reference Library” then “Forms”. Your qualification must be maintained at follow-on commands. Sailors on temporary assigned duty, those who have been injured, individual augmentees, and others on a case-by-case basis, will have their qualification esws stopped when they leave, which will start up again when they return.

Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Warfare The last update was completed: To qualify as an enlisted warfare specialist, you must complete a qualification program that is part of the personnel qualification standards PQS. Want to correct or update a question? Aviation Capable Ships The Uniform Regulations described the Cmomon Warfare wings as follows: Simply click on the link marked “order forms”add the stock number to the search block, and it will give you information on ordering forms for your command, squadron, or ship.

Sailors who have completed more than 50 percent of the old PQS system eeaws continue and finish that eaww, said DeLozier. Candidates had to be in direct or indirect support of air-warfare missions. Today’s much streamlined syllabus includes questions, and only 36 tasks, one course, an oral and written examination.