EXPLAINING HITLER The Search for the Origins of His Evil By Ron Rosenbaum pages. Random House. $<. Explaining Hitler has ratings and 69 reviews. Ron Rosenbaum Explaining Hitler is an extraordinary quest, an expedition into the war zone of Hitler. In the journalist Ron Rosenbaum published Explaining Hitler. Contrary to what the title might suggest, it is not an explanation of Hitler, per.

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Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil – Ron Rosenbaum – Google Books

It was clear from as far back as that Hitler had strong antisemitic feelings. Rosenbaum Travels with Dr. Blaming Adolf Hitler 3 And he emerges with some genuine, paradigm-shifting insights, such as the idea that Hitler’s evil is evident not from the fact that he could murder innocent men, women and children by the millions, but from the fact that he couldn’t.

He then goes into an understandable tirade about Holocaust Denial and why I am not surprised? No, says the researcher, Lanzmann has clearly written, “after Shoahafter his filmcertain things are forbidden.

Louis Micheels, an Auschwitz survivor who is genuinely interested in finding the reason for the Holocaust, I connected it up with Berel Lang’s frightening theory of evil as an art form.

He disclosed his own biases several times in the book, but I felt that he should have done more.

Most of the book focused on explaining Hitler with regard to the Holocaust rather than his politics and war strategy, but this is certainly an important enough question to devote an en A fascinating book, more about the process of explaining and hitleg it says about the explainers than exposition about Hitler’s life.


The Jews were a convenient victim, objects of hatred already conveniently available. Claude Lanzmann and the War Against.

Explaining Hitler Educ Issue

Account Options Sign in. Did Hitler believe what he was doing was right?

Along the way a lot of European political and social history is covered, and a lot of Hitler’s life, writings, confidences and speeches are analysed, which does probably as much to let you understand what a manipulator of image he was as it does to make you feel you understand a little of the personality involved.

The fact that Hitler wanted to annihilate the Jews is, sadly enough, not unique.

Who exactly was this Hitler f I’m halfway through this book; of course, from the title you’d expect this to be a riotous laugh-fest, but alas, it’s arduous tramping through these dark and tortuous stretches of text. I blamed the German explaijing to some extent but Hitler never got a clear mandate in an election.

Was Hitler missing a testicle? Micheels, who have seen the beast close at hand, this danger of identification does not expoaining, because they have been ‘inoculated’. The second level of despair, as evidenced in the quote by Emile Fackenheim above, postulates that Hitler is a totally inexplicable phenomenon.

Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil

I always thought, “how can anyone DENY the holocaust? Rpsenbaum rubs me the wrong way. I enjoyed this very much, and I found it very informative. I feel that it had a slow start but the more I read, the more I was engrossed. Anything which humanised him was justification according to Lanzmann.

In case hiitler didn’t know, many people have tried to explain Hitler’s actions through the prism of sex, whether it be a sexual explqining monorchidism, impotence or an outlandish fetish pedophilia, undinism, incest. Rosenbaum explores the various theories that have been proposed to explain the origins of Hitler’s rabid anti-semitism and murderous mindset, the most hiyler ones hinting at either some deeply ingrained sexual depravity; a hatred of Jews stemming from a formative personal experience; and even Oedipal notions of Jewish lineage via illicit sexual congress involving his maternal grandmother.


Rosenbaum was trying to explain Hitler and even put in notes that were in other books about HItler, and how they tried to explain him. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Hitler did not kill Jews because he was convinced of his own rectitude: I think this book drives the scalpel down to the bone. Maybe like Manny warned, the spirit of Hitler may take me over and I may become the next universally hated and feared despot – but it’s a risk I have to take! There Must Be a Why.

EXPLAINING HITLER by Ron Rosenbaum | Kirkus Reviews

I think his point that Hitler just may be inexplicable is important to emphasize, but shouldn’t Rosenbaum apply his own formula to himself? Explaining Hitler is a loose, shaggy, hard-to-pin-down sort of book. Books by Ron Rosenbaum.

When Hitler’s war ended inthe war over Hitler–who he really was, what gave birth to his unique evil–had just begun. Apr 30, Mary rated it it was ok. I’m tempted to think this book is an example of why Jews angered Hitler so damn much! I quote the concluding paragraph of the chapter in full: A reminder of his humanity and that one isn’t born a Hitler surely?