Lesson learned yesterday: Never use Sencha ExtJS autoLoad, especially when working with a Grid panel. I ran into a problem where my grids. Once the document is created, a Panel component uses autoLoad property It stops the ExtJS CSS styles applying to the loaded html content. Hi, Like in title I’ve situation that cause autoload of gridpanel store event when I’ll ad property of store to true. Is there maybe any.

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But one can easily create an override for Ext. ExtJSjavascriptProgramming. Your email address will never be published. Your code is somehow lenghty. Now it’s no more shorter than yours: After a bit of debugging I found that Ext. There is no reason to use a controller if you have code that should be the responsibility of the controller in the views. Here is all the relevant code for reference: Including this bug… there have been… exactly… one… thousand… five hundred and two.

Bugs Sencha Touch 2. Sign up using Email and Password. After doing som more testing I find estjs my particular issue on on my current app is working with 6.

I don’t know how to achieve that the store is loaded only when needed by the view. Bugs Sencha Architect 2. Thanks, this is the perfect solution. In the meanwhile I found a possible workaround: User Extensions and Plugins Ext. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. It puts all code into the controller as suggested by pcguru and uses the render event to shorten the code as suggested by Lolo. Post as a guest Name. We encourage you to continue the discussion and to find an acceptable workaround while we work on a permanent fix.


ExtJS: note on using autoLoad | Joe Kuan Defunct Code

So it seems a different bug than this: Quick Navigation Ext 6: You can add render handler to view which will call store load method and disable autoLoad. I have a grid linked to a store with autoLoad: I’ll try to get it shorter. Thanks for the report, I’ve added this to our bug tracking system.

Now move it into the “Footer Left” sidebar. autoloa

Stay Connected Join our mailing list Subscribe. Store – so you don’t have to repeat this for every store – if you do, you can remove the loaded part from this controller. The problem is that the store gets loaded on application launch, even if the extks is created only later when accessed through a menu.

I think it would be better to open a new thread for the specific issue of 6. About Did you know you can write your own about section just like this one? This is a problem in 6.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. This site uses cookies. Discussion Sencha Touch 1. Services Professional Services Partners Training. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. If I set autoLoad: The time now is 2: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is extns to these policies.


So that means there is no way to know if the store is already loaded unless one stores this in extjd variable on store load?

Extjs autoLoad loading

Start by disabling autoload on the store. Examples and Showcases Sencha Touch 2.

I would let the view’s controller handle the store load. Here is what the problem looks like inside the panel: But longer code is better if it works correctly and is more reusable and efficient, and especially if it’s easier to read and understand than shorter code, imo.

However, the rendering inside the component is different to a browser displaying the html document. It could be useful also a cross-link between the two bug reports! It is very similar to this other bug: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Examples and Showcases Sencha Touch 1.

I have referenced the store in Application. App Contest Sencha Touch 1. I don’t like code in the views.