I’ve read through the footsies handbook on quite a few times now and it’s definitely improved my game as well as helping. Posts about Footsies Handbook written by muttonhead. Street Fighter Footsies Handbook — Introduction/Foreword The ebook you’re reading now is the result of a lot of effort by Maj of to compile.

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You may be giving up your most damaging combo setup, but it’s worth it if you’re also keeping your opponent at a range where they have no combo opportunities at all.

The Walking Forward part is a little abstract, and deserves a bit of explanation: You’re essentially gambling with the momentum of the match every time you try handbooo. These examples barely scratch the surface of the countless meter bait handbbook utilized in tournament play. HP, whiffing it in front of Dan still gives him an opportunity to retaliate. Knowing what to do and when to do it. HP distance, you can cause their uppercut to whiff by not pressing anything. April 1st, at You’ll only end up with more holes.

I just noticed that B3 SFA2 tournament video got deleted. And so on and so forth.

Street Fighter Footsies Handbook

All of these plays are universally applicable to any fighting game. But if you’re up against characters who force you to jump such as Sagat and Charlie, then you may as well create some measure of uncertainty for your opponent.

Otherwise you’ll find yourself walking or flying home with a bewildered look on your face, trying to remember what exactly it was you got hit by. Hopefully these articles will hanndbook change that perception, because anyone who wants to compete at tournament level absolutely needs to know this stuff. Fireballs can apply pressure, beat out mistimed normal attacks, repel aggressive opponents, and punish mistakes. If you poke from too far away, they cootsies want to push a button.


Then what do you do?

February 6th, at Sign up for free! The rest will take care of itself.

Tactics are more reliable than gimmicks, so build your gameplan around tactics. Despite the potential for high rewards, jumping usually leads to getting anti-aired, knocked down, and crossed up.

Meta Register Log in. Not every character is lucky enough to have one, but those who do tend to rely heavily on its offensive utility and mid-range control capabilities.

Having nowhere to go also makes them an easy combo target when they get baited.

It doesn’t necessarily mean your opponent is smarter than you and it handbolk have to mean that you’ll get outsmarted again. Watson, Valle, and Choi could probably write books on the subject. Some of this sounds overly theoretical, footsiee it’s simply a matter of trial and error. Sometimes when they’ve got your number, just block.

Eliminate the opponent’s capacity to anti-air by knocking them down first. Jumping is always risky, but the reward is high provided you land a damaging combo. Hey Maj, do you think learning each element at a time is most beneficial or learning a whole chapter at once?

Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Chapter 1 A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that footsies is something you whip up on the fly. If you’re hesitant and uncertain, then your wins will come from luck and your losses will be inexorably footsues.


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Some people have a habit of jumping instead, which can also be punished with an uppercut on reaction. How do you get there once you’ve been thrown?

For every matchup, you need several reliable ways to fool opponents into wasting meter without putting yourself at risk. MK range and immediately block low. Always be on the lookout for changes in your opponent’s behavior, especially when they gain access to super meter. December 8th, at February 23rd, at Yet it’s no coincidence that the longer someone stays in the corner, the more often they tend to lose.

If your opponent somehow reaches point blank range while carrying momentum, Guile’s in trouble. Another way to escape predictable scripts and flowcharts is by mixing up your timing; by skipping beats rather than pressing different buttons. If you’ve caught your opponent gambling this way and you have a direct counter to their super move, sometimes it’s worthwhile to create an intentional gap during your attack string by inserting the appropriate counter.

That said, you don’t necessarily have to play footsies if you don’t want to. Fireballs are what transform Shotos from mediocre poking characters into mid-range powerhouses. That’s how to turn the odds in your favor. It’s extremely difficult to manage against seasoned veterans, but then again it’s probably more sensible than trying to beat them at footsies.