Guido Bonatti – Liber Astronomiae, Part – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Introduction to the Liber Astronomiae Contained in the Edition of Erhard Ratdolt. Liber Astronomiae of Guido Bonatti, First Tractate. Guido Bonatti, also known as Guido Bonatus, was a medieval Italian astrologer Bonatti’s fame rests on his authorship of the Liber Astronomiae, the “Book of.

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Earth sinks in a straight line to the center of the universe as does water to the sphere just above that of earth. Although we have responded to them briefly, it does not seem to me that one may omit proving that astrology is an Art and a Doctrinal Science astdonomiae sufficient and clear reasons, although the order may seem to be absurd. Therefore it is an art or science which St.

eBook – PH – Latin – V08 – Guido Bonatti – Liber Astronomiae, Part – Free Download PDF

Similarly if any one should foresee that there was going to be rain, he giudo be able to flee to his house before it began and get to places in which the rain would not be able to drench him.

In the third part the rising and setting of the signs luber dealt 1 It is difficult to locate Bonatti’s sources for this bonarti of “mancies. Bonatti seems to know Artapanus, a 2nd century B. The Medieval Church rightly saw that astrology was its old foe risen again in the west like a phoenix after a centuries long hiatus to compete with the faith of Christ. It must also be said that Medieval “reasons” are often unacceptable to modern minds who prefer “logical”, “scientific”, and mechanistic explanations for things wherever possible.

Full text of “Guido Bonatti Liber Astronomiae, Part 4 & On Horary, Part 1”

The weather could begin to get cold in Italy around the end of November and begin to warm up around the end of February. If, indeed, a particular man were threatened by some evil thing which was going to happen according to the stars, and he foresees this, he will see what kind of evil it is and of what species it is and he will oppose himself to it. Holden has used the latter. This, of course, would put the Sun in Sagittarius beginning around Nov.

Guido Bonatti: Liber Astronomiae Part I

Some things are planted or inseminated at one time more than another; in one way in Spain, in another in England, in another in Lombardy, in still another in Rumania, in yet another in Apuleia, another in Asia, another in Ethiopia, in another in the Alps, in still another in the plains, in another way in winter or summer; at whatever time is convenient for them and in which it is hoped that there will be utility from them.


He clearly thought of the planets in a Neoplatonic sense as chariots of angelic forces. Handbuch der Orientalistik, Herausgegeben von B. Hermetic Sabianism survived in the Middle East in 9th through 12th century Harran. They who do not have houses strive to build them so that they may escape the rain, snow, and other adverse events which, if they should not have seen them in advance, they would not have secured the aforesaid necessities; and thus it bonattii be the cause of their annihilation.

Yet he is Moon, one on the risings of the starsthe Stolistes who were responsible for the education and for the vestmentswho carried 10 books on all the piety of the Egyptians, and the prophet. Similarly if a question concerning a sick person should be made, astronomkae if the astrologer should know the beginning of the illness, he would be able to know in advance whether the ill person will be able to escape from the illness or perish.

And these things are known by the astrologer for the aforesaid reason. Whether this Latin demand represented a new awareness engendered by protracted contacts with higher levels of Muslim society during the Crusades, both Eastern and Iberian, asttronomiae is not possible to determine.

Simon and Schuster,pp. Nor is it possible that anyone is seized by sudden death or unexpectedly without the ordering of his affairs both spiritual and temporal.

Who is its artist? This remained a classic astrology textbook for two centuries. But if the horse should stand completely in the splendor of the Moon’s light, so that it is totally gazed at by the Moon, and should be completely covered by its splendor, the Moon will not harm the horse either in the place of its cramp or in any other part of it, nor will the horse be hurt by liberr, as the physicians testify.

eBook – PH – Latin – V08 – Guido Bonatti – Liber Astronomiae, Part 2.pdf

And thus science is valued before all other possessions 3 and, if he is praised by no other cause, a man is praised asttonomiae account of science because he is able to be deprived of all other possessions before science.

It is perhaps noteworthy that he makes no claims to month, day, or hour of death. Afterwards it is not at all fitting that he may be sorry or lament or grieve. One begins to wonder why Bonatti is so consistently set against the Dominicans.


This introduction is contained in astronlmiae Ratdolt edition of which I have used for the editing of the translation. In the First Liher, Bonatti introduces us to astrology in a typically scholastic manner, arguing for the importance of astrology on spiritual grounds in a formal Aristotelian argument which leads into his cosmology and astronomy. This is as impossible as for heaven to fall. Moses, Artapanus tells us, was Museus, teacher of Orpheus and identical with Hermes Trismegistus also known as Thoth, Egyptian god of learning.

Indeed they saw, in libsr regions in which the horizon is turned back to the north, that it grows colder when Gemini is entered and that it lasts until it enters 2 Virgo, although the time may vary more or less in other places.

Pico’s Adversus astrologiam divinatricem specifically calls Bonatti on the carpet. Agrippa’s 15th century De Occulta Philosophic.

If unnatural it would be Magic and severely punished, if evil, a crime punishable by the civil authorities. Bonatti wants Judicial Astrology to be piggy-backed onto Astronomy, possibly as its esoteric sister Art. Another occasion is that of which those who say that the planets have signification of universal situations only and not of particulars.

This art ought not to be condemned, indeed, it is worthy to be commended because the Holy Fathers from ancient times used it. If he had not guarded himself beforehand, he could have been killed or evilly 1 This bonattti to his solar returns or anniversary figures, from which the events of the ensuing year are to be known.

But the other stars act with the planets through the mode of motion and generation. The actual origin of the words is from Greek, the second syllable being derived from 8 See page 7, note 3 above. The knowledge of this is First Philosophy. This made the ownership of astrological books by anyone in the city limits of Paris punishable by death at the stake.

Bonatti’s Liber Libed was written sometime after C. Thorndike speculates that Irgiz, Germath, Gergis, Jergis, Hyargus, Jargus, Georgius, and Gugit are all the same fellow, showing up in alchemical and astrological works. This word, like the Greek logos implies both logic and the ability 16 it consists more in the cognition of those things which have been, are, and will be.