Hedysarum coronarium. FRENCH HONEYSUCKLE. Big bright red clover-like flowers above handsome leaves. Needs sun and good drainage. Short-lived, but . Development of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium) for better adaptation to grazing. G.B. DOUGLAS, R.G. KEOGH and A.G. FOOTE. AgResearch Grasslands, Private . Hedysarum coronarium. Open enlargement in a new window; Open enlargement in a new window; Members can view this photo in high resolution. Members.

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This plant is sometimes cultivated for hay and livestock fodder in parts of Europe and northern Africa. Sulla Hedysarum coronariumhay. Permanent and temporary grassland plant, environment and economy ed. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Effect coromarium preservation method on the nutritive value of sulla Hedysarum coronarium. Development of sulla Hedysarum coronarium for better adaptation to grazing.

Hedysarum coronarium

However, most feeding experiments reported concerned sheep production. Digestibility and nutrive value in the rabbit with and without coprophagia of the branches, leaves, inflorescences and of the whole sulla plant Hedysarum coronarium L.

Sulla is valued for honey production, roadside beautification and landscape architecture Foster, ; Ruisi et al. For that reason, it is used for forage in semi-arid and arid regions Foster, There have been numerous trials in Italy, North Africa, Australia and New Zealand looking at the value of sulla in sheep for meat, milk and wool production.


Sulla silage was found to be a suitable supplement for grazing dairy cows during summer. Sulla tannins were effective in the inhibition of larval migration of deer lungworms and gastrointestinal nematodes Molan et al. Thesis, Doctor of Philosophy at Massey University. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category coronariu is on Wikidata Taxonbars with 20—24 taxon IDs All stub articles.

Tables of chemical composition and nutritional value. In New Zealand, dairy cows grazing sulla produced less methane hedtsarum unit DM intake Daderot Lucarelli Hans Hillewaert. One of the main values of sulla is its water requirement coupled to its ability to provide large amounts of palatable forage in steppe areas Crocker et al. Carcass and meat quality of lambs fed fresh sulla Hedysarum coronarium L. Pods have a yellow thorny surface that turns brown at maturity.

It usually does not grow well on coarse-textured soils, where inconsistent nodulation has been reported.

Sulla makes good silage. Sheep There have been numerous trials in Italy, North Africa, Australia and New Zealand looking at the value of sulla in sheep for meat, milk and wool production. Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in full sun.

Sulla coronaria – Wikipedia

Its nutritive value decreases rapidly as the plant matures Ben Jeddi, Mass in hedysarjm woodland or naturalized areas. Sulla is a high quality forage for ruminants. The condensed tannins of sulla may hdysarum beneficial effects on product quality. The nutritive value decreases with maturity: This Faboideae -related article is a stub. Sulla can be a pioneer species in coronarihm, compact and degraded soils and, as an N-fixing legume, improve soil fertility for the next crop Ben Jeddi, References Chaves et al.


Milk from dairy ewes grazing sulla at flowering had a lower content of conjugated linoleic acid, but was richer in n-3 fatty acid and had a lower n Alternative temperate forages containing secondary compounds for improving sustainable productivity in grazing ruminants. However, cutting at the right stage is not always possible, resulting in lignified stems and lower quality hay Leto et al.

Sulla is considered a productive forage. Grassland Science in Europe, Sulla has the capacity to increase milk production in dairy cows de Koning et al. Cut back stems to the ground after frost. In Tunisia, yield of hedywarum sulla was 6.

Includes a sample of Hedysarum flexuosum hay. They also have beneficial effects on animal health by reducing parasite numbers Waghorn, Sulla has a high water soluble carbohydrate content which enhances silage quality.

Back to Previous Page. Sulla is mostly upright, cm high with thick, succulent stems that become slightly woody after flowering.

Retrieved 13 January Like other legumes, sulla tends to shed leaves during hay making but leaf retention is better than for alfalfa.