An Orthodox Catechism by Hercules Collins. In Reformed Baptist Fellowship on February 22, at am. Orthodox Catechism. This catechism, first. AN ORTHODOX CATECHISM. Being the Sum of Christian Religion,. Contained in the Law and Gospel. Edited by Hercules Collins. Orthodox Catechism. First Part: Introduction and. Historical Background. Second Part: Theme of Comfort. Third Part: Theme of Gratitude.

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Diego Groselle rated it it was amazing Aug 17, There was a time when Baptist Christians regularly used catechisms in their homes and local churches. Steve Weaver on An Old Gospel. In the preface to his first published word, An Orthodox CatechismHercules Collins expresses his solidarity with the orthodoxy of the past.

An Orthodox Catechism by Hercules Collins

Be the first to ask a question about An Orthodox Catechism. It was a deft stroke of denominational ecumenicity when Hercules Collins adapted that catechism for Baptist life. This is a much-needed and timely publication of an old catechism. And wherein we cannot concur, let us leave that to the of Christ Jesus, as they did their difficult cases in the Church of old until there did arise a Priest with Urim and Thummim, that might certainly inform them of the mind of God there-about.

David Varney rated it really liked it May 11, But still, it’s a helpful catechism for those of us who want to recommend a solid catechism for Baptists.


Order the Book “Devoted to the Service of the Temple”: You have 3 items in your shopping cart. Here is also in the close of the Book a brief, but full Exposition of that Prayer Christ taught his Disciples. We collina in the primitive times that the Baptism of Christ was not universally known, witness the ignorance of Apollos that eminent Disciple and Minister, which knew only the Baptism of John.

In order to provide them with an accessible version within his own system of church practice, he edited the Heidelberg and published it in under the title An Orthodox Catechi Hercules Collins, a leading pastor among the seventeenth-century English Particular Baptists, understood the potential benefits of the Heidelberg Catechism for the people under his pastoral care. John Tobler iii rated it it was amazing Feb 08, There are few compositions in the history of the Christian church as perspicuous, edifying, and beautiful as the Heidelberg Catechism.

I intend to go through it again more slowly, giving myself opportunities to look up many of the references and consider where I agree or disagree hercuels their choices.

David rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Newsletter Signup Email address: This is so good! May it gain a wide usage in our families and in churches. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

An Orthodox Catechism by Hercules Collins

Patrick McWilliams rated catefhism it was amazing Jul 10, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Hercules clearly seems to be attempting to align the Particular Baptist movement of which he is a part with the accepted orthodoxy of the past.


This was in addition to the Apostles Creed which was already included in the Heidelberg Catechism. Now albeit there are some differences between many Godly Divines and us in Church Constitution, orthodx inasmuch as those things are not the Essence of Christianity, but that we do agree in the fundamental Doctrine thereof, there is sufficient ground to lay aside all bitterness and prejudice, and collind to maintain a spirit of Love each to other, knowing we shall never see all alike here.

Randy Burns rated it really liked it Feb 25, Cbnrck rated it it was amazing Orthodpx 23, Keith Lozon rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Often Baptists wrote their own catechisms, though they also periodically revised paedobaptist catechisms that were otherwise sound.

I have proposed three Creeds to your consideration, which ought thoroughly to be believed and embraced by all those that would be accounted Christians, viz. An Orthodox Catechism by Hercules Collins. I will be recommending this to my friends. Here is an excerpt from the Preface to An Orthodox Catechism spelling has been modernized.