No abstract available. Original Title. Anatomia laringe e hipofaringe. Avaliacao por TC e RM. Primary Subject. RADIOLOGY AND NUCLEAR MEDICINE (C) . Anatomía de la garganta El cáncer hipofaríngeo (cáncer laringofaríngeo) se origina en la hipofaringe (laringofaringe), que es la parte inferior. É fundamental que o radiologista conheça a anatomia pertinente a esta região e . O abaulamento do contorno da orofaringe e hipofaringe, em conjunto com o.

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The closed endocrine cells contain several processes that terminate near its target cells, constituting the so-called paracrine effect. Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol ;64 1: The outer longitudinal muscle fibers course primarily along the greater and lesser curvatures of the stomach.

Additionally, mucous neck cells have basal nuclei and larger mucous granules around the nucleus rather than apically located granules. There is some variation in the veins that drain into the portal system. This region of the stomach has been the recent focus of intense investigation.

Anatomía De La Farínge R2 by Lenin Tomas Reyes Paula on Prezi

Portuguese words that begin with hi. The space between the endothelia and the sinusoidal villi is termed the space of Disse. These fairly straight and simple tubular glands are closely associated in the areas of gastric fundus and body.

Kupffer cells increase in number and activity in response to chemical, infectious, or immunologic anatomoa to the liver. The body of the pancreas runs toward the left side, anterior to the aorta.


The third tissue layer, the muscularis propria, is a combination of three muscle layers: A variety of endocrine, or enteroendocrine, cells are scattered among the cells of the oxyntic glands. Rev Soc Otorrinolaringol RJ ;2: The portal vein receives almost all of the blood flow from the digestive tract between the proximal stomach and anatlmia rectum as well as from the spleen, pancreas, and gallbladder Fig. Below the UES, the esophageal wall comprises inner circular and outer longitudinal layers anatpmia muscle see Fig.

Otorrhinolaryngoly Head and Neck Surgery.


Esperanto is only partially translated. The inner oblique muscle fibers course over the gastric fundus, covering the anterior and posterior aspects of the stomach wall. Posterior to the body of the pancreas are the aorta, the origin of the superior mesenteric artery, the left crus of the diaphragm, the left kidney, the left adrenal gland, and the splenic vein.

By analogy with glandular epithelia, the sinusoidal, canalicular, and contiguous plasma membrane domains are also called the basolateral, apical, and lateral surfaces, respectively.


Mucosa lines the gastric lumen, hiopfaringe as a smooth, velvety, blood-filled lining. Within the diaphragmatic hiatus the esophageal body ends in a 2- to 4-cm length of asymmetrically thickened circular smooth muscle known as the lower esophageal sphincter LES see Fig.

Portuguese words that begin with hip. There is much variation in the uncinate process, which may even be absent altogether.


Meaning of “hipofaringe” in the Portuguese dictionary

In Chrome, first click on a language pair and change the search keyword in the field ‘Keyword’ to a keyword eg: Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol ;68 5: Mucous neck cells differ from their surface counterparts in their synthesis of acidic, sulfated mucus rather than the neutral mucus.

The lower margin of the liver descends below the costal margin during inspiration. The fundus projects upward, above the cardia and gastroesophageal junction. They possess bristle-coated micropinocytic vesicles, fuzzy-coated vacuoles, and worm-like structures that are special features of cells active in pinocytosis and phagocytosis.

In hipofrainge is a mixture of both types. The submucosa, immediately deep to the mucosa, provides the dense connective tissue skeleton of collagen and elastin fibers. It is within the gastric mucosa that most of the functional secretory elements of the stomach are located see Chapter An abundance of lysosomes reflects the prominent role of Kupffer cells in degrading substances taken up from the blood stream.

These cells vary in location, being either open or closed relative to the gastric lumen. Activan hupofaringe amilasa salival o ptialina. Pathologie de loreille externe.