InterBase ToGo has no install. You simply need to copy files. Which version of InterBase IBToGo are you using on your development machine ? XE7 or ? How did you register your IBLite and IBToGo Test Deployment. Buy InterBase Server 50 user license or above and get unlimited InterBase ToGo deployments through the end of ! InterBase ToGo is the premier.

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When you are ready to use your application with InterBase ToGo, all you need to do is copy your executable to the same interbaase as ibtogo. However, the application can make multiple connections to the database by using multiple threads, where a connection can be made for each thread.

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How to install InterBase ToGo

Because data is immediately accessible on the device, developers have more flexibility in database design and deployment. Work anywhere, with offline data accessibility Reduce costs by minimizing data queueing on mobile devices Ultra low cost of ownership — nearly zero database maintenance Silent installation — use a set-and-forget approach for efficient deployment Embarcadero InterBase XE7 Product Info Other Embarcadero products.

When deploying with the ToGo edition, you just need to make sure that libibtogo. You can locate the ibtogo. The license sub-directory must also be located here. This gives application developers more choice and flexibility in their database design and deployment.


For ToGo deployment you just need the runtime fileset mentioned below; you can choose to deploy the full set should you need to use the InterBase command-line tools and documentation. InterBase Desktop does not have this restriction. To deploy with the ToGo edition, your application needs to find the ToGo DLL on your computer and a directory structure such as the one found in Table 2.

A common example of multiple applications using the same database is a Delphi application and a reporting application both being run at the same time against the same database.

InterBase ToGo: Start For Free – Embarcadero

Views Page Discussion View source History. The interface to InterBase ToGo is via ibtogo. File Name Bit Bit Min. The database service, when accessing a database, exclusively locks the database file so that another application or InterBase server cannot access the database simultaneously. Personal tools Log in. In the second case where you want to just have the same application switch to using the libibtogo. It is recommended that you use EUA which means that you will not need the admin.

This also means that no other external client can access the database when it is being used connected to by the application using the embedded database engine.

Developer Tools

The ToGo library, libibtogo. Sp ecify a Temp Directory.


Only one application is allowed to connect to the database; the application exclusively locks the database file. Follow InterBase on Twitter. The easiest way to ensure this is to include it in the same directory as your application. InterBase ToGo is the premier lightweight, ultra-fast, scalable, and embeddable SQL database—with commercial grade data security and robust change synchronization.

Check out our full A-Z list of vendors here. InterBase Desktop requires you to start the engine as a service or an application. This is important information if you elect to not place your executable in the same directory as ibtogo. Also, if you use this strategy you will not need to worry whether any other installations of InterBase are on the same computer.

This makes deployment easier. The Default Folder for ToGo. The embedded InterBase engine runs faster with these types of database applications because network connections are not used and data is not passed between the application and a separate database server.

You can control the location of the interbase. For more information on specifying a Temp Directory see: View Full A-Z List.