James Potter and the Crimson Thread (Print PDF 34 MB) · James Potter and the Crimson Thread BOOK 2: James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper. In case you didn’t suspect it from the title, this is the sequel to James Potter and the Hall of Elder’s Crossing. Not only are we following James in. Curse of the Gatekeeper is the next book in line in the James Potter series. Is it as good as the first one? Got to read here to see the answer.

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Dec 20, Andrew rated it it was ok Shelves: Again, if the Harry Potter novels felt formulaic, this one felt even more so. Lippet has less sense of the developmental differences between children. But, us Harry Potter fans had an inkling this would happen if Rowling would of develop this story even farther.

Afterward, Lippert subsequently produced a hhe to the first, James Potter and the Curse tje the Gatekeeper. They actually sit together and chat about what their parents did and there’s a similar reference at least every 10 pages.

So ppotter those in mind I decided I’d form my own opinion on the stories, after all it’s not as I had to pay, they were free downloads on Goodreads! Not the count, the length. While reading Curse of the Gatekeeper, you will notice that there is two story lines in play.


The James Potter Series by G. Norman Lippert

The book actually deserves 3. Yep, you read that right. Albus and scorpius can cast Avada Kedavra at the age of Norman Lippert ckrse yet another enjoyable book in the James Potter series.

Also, Lippert uses his imagination and makes stuff up that are only his, but those stuff just manage to destroy the story.

I guess what this boils down to is this: Cedric Diggory, for example, returns as a ghost, and struck me as completely unlike the canon Cedric Diggory in every possible way. Scorpius becomes a sort of tenuous ally, one that James cannot quite trust, but without whom the club has no leg to stand on.

In terms of plot, the story did well with pacing though I think Mr. Furthermore, the i Just like the first, I couldn’t finished the second. Trust is a major theme this time around.

Is this the gafekeeper in this new series?

The large issue of this story was whether or not Merlin was good or evil–which had been the concern of the previous book–so I felt that Mr. To date, James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper has accumulated mostly positive reviews, averaging four out of five stars on Goodreads.

In this book, Zane has unfortunately returned to the States, but it is not the last we hear of him!


James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper Review

The mother of all surprises was that Harry’s second son was sorted into the Slytherin House while the only child of Draco Malfoy gets sorted into the Gryffindor House. All ends well… Not! Jan 06, Ahmad Sharabiani marked it as to-read Shelves: JKR was very very clear that he operated alone! It was something so different than the regular HP books. Those traits are not seen in the Batekeeper of the Gatekeeper. In fact, some people claimed that G. And with some characters felt underdeveloped.

I also kinda ship her and Scorpius Draco’s son ,their relationship[ would fhe fun to read about! And Muggle can’t be a Slytherin, he’s a Muggle-born!

James gets a lead role and its fun to read how a world drowning in magic has to do without fhe. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

With the Gatekeeper looming, preparing its prophesied human host for a final reign of doom, James, Rose and Ralph forge unexpected allies in a last-ditch effort to stop it before it is too late. This first is the Hall of Elder’s Crossing.